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Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 09:43 pm

I’m starting to get the idea that a bachelor party is just a well-orchestrated consensual abduction (in most cases).

Mine’s this weekend. I don’t know too much, but from what I do know:

  • it’ll be in Montreal
  • it’ll be 7 dudes, 4 days, 3 nights
  • I will have no access to electronics whatsoever

I guess not being able to tweet, Facebook or email for a few days will be good practice for the honeymoon.

Klout scores will drop!

Crowdbooster will laugh at my social demise!

But it’s all for a good reason, so who cares?

One thing I can tell you is that you won’t starve for content. A post per day was the promise and one that I intend to keep! I’ve got a handful of guest posts so far—still shy of the three weeks’ worth that I need by the time the honeymoon creeps along, but it’s a good start!

People have asked me whether I’m excited about or looking forward to the bachelor party (and/or wedding and honeymoon). One thing that Sarah would tell you right here is that I’m not the excitable type—and with this bachelor party… which I essentially know nothing about… how do you get excited for something you know nothing about?

I get excited in the moment where something’s happening. Doing so beforehand just seems like a waste of energy that I could be using to live in the moment. Plus, I don’t generally worry about how things will work out because of TRUST.

This is one of the times where it’s good to have faith in one’s family and friends. With my best friend as my best man, I trust that everything’s going to be awesome this weekend without having an inkling about what’s going to happen. I trust that everyone will have a good time and will just suck it up if they’re homesick. I trust that I won’t have to come back and lie to Sarah about what I did over the weekend.

I place my trust in the hands of those close to me explicitly.

It’s not easy to trust people. I’ve been burned more times than I care to remember. The people I do trust are one who I’ve forged relationships with over countless years. We all know that trust is difficult to earn and easy to break—so why do we continue to act as if there won’t be consequences for our actions?

Here are some tips from yours truly on how to be more trustworthy today:

  1. STOP SNITCHIN’!!! If someone tells you a secret, it was for your ears only—keep it that way!
  2. Be honest! People won’t be honest with you if you can’t offer the same in return.
  3. Watch the company you keep! People will judge you not only by your actions and words, but also by those of the people around you. It’s said that our personalities are the sum total of the traits from the people we hang around most. Keep that in mind!
  4. Walk the walk. If you talk a mean game but don’t have the actions to back it up, no one’s going to take you seriously. Kick it up a notch!
  5. Standards are important. Know your morals, values and principles and DO NOT WAVER. If you can define who you are and what you’re all about, and if you can deliver that message consistently, people will come to you with a better idea of what to expect.

So again, I hope you trust me when I say that there’ll still be reasons to read the blog this weekend—I look forward to seeing what you think of what I have up my sleeve next!

See y’all on Monday!

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