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Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 12:44 am

Guess who’s back. Back again.

So it’s been a couple of days since my last life update—I haven’t really had time to get on the computer. So what to say today? Hm… ah. I know.

First, let us do a Pro/Con comparison of recent events.

1)A girl hit on me at work.

  • PRO: She was hot to death, 26, and asked me for my number. Definite pro.

  • CON: She was a teef. I was thinking with my dick and not my head, so I didn’t notice at the time that her ID was forged, and I never really bothered to look at the credit card all that much. So I guess I gave away a cold G. Idiot—I’m not making that mistake again anytime soon.

2)I haven’t been fighting with anyone lately.

  • PRO: Yup. Things’ve been pretty quiet. No online fights, no fights with the fam, all is still.

  • CON: I don’t fight because I don’t care. My compassion for the world has reached an all-time low, and I’m surprised that I curbed my suicidal tendencies years ago and that they haven’t resurfaced. *shrug* Oh well, it’s all for the better, right? (*crickets chirp all around him*)

Anyway, those are the two most recent. I also randomly met this guy on the bus last night, I don’t even know how we started talking. But he’s pretty cool, and him and I share some common interests and stuff, so that’s cool. At least there’s someone else to chat with.

*nod* No I’m not gay.

Next point: my man digi_tek suggested that the causation of me feeling like crap and whatnot and the emptiness I feel inside may be due to the lack of religion in my life. This is the perfect opportunity to present:


1) I believe in a higher power, but am reluctant to give it a name.

In my opinion, if I latch myself onto a specific religion, that I am shutting out the beliefs of all other possible religions. And that just ain’t right. What makes Christianity more valid than Hinduism. Or Buddhism better than Zionism. And yes, this one might be a stretch to the closed-minded, but what’s so wrong with Satanism? All I’m saying is that I abide more by spiritualism than religion, and my spirituality takes different elements from several religions, which I think makes it valid in itself.

2)People create the presence of deities in their minds to detract from their realities.

Alright, I also believe that the human race believes in higher powers that may or may not exist for several reasons:

  1. The constant belief that no matter what they do in life, if they try and pull a 180-degree turn, they will be able to absolve themselves of all their sins and make it into a happy afterlife
  2. They believe in religion when there’s nothing/no one else to believe in
  3. Many, after placing all their faith in religion, are blinded by it, not being able to see life for what it is, not able to see plain fact, or even worse, they try to force it upon others! It’s worse than drugs at times!
  4. I don’t find the Bible… accurate. Granted, the entire Revelations chapter does share some interesting aspects with reality, but my view upon the structure of time (which would take hella long to explain and justify), there would be a greater chance of the Big Bang happening (which I also believe is a stupid theory) than Adam and Eve
  5. If God kicked Satan out from Heaven, how come Satan has a stronger influence on Earth if he didn’t have more power than God to keep himself in Heaven?
  6. Ok, toughie. Now, if God = Jesus = The Holy Ghost, yet Mary had Jesus by immaculate conception through God… then God gave birth to Himself… which is impossible because He was still in Heaven and… etc etc…
  7. If God created all life, who created God?
  8. Bonus Question: Now God created Man in the image of Himself. But… he created Jesus in the image of Himself. And… if they’re both in the image of Himself, then Jesus = Man. But wait… if Jesus = God… then since Man = Jesus, Man = God… whoa. Well, that’s not good, now is it?

Okay, well you get the point. Anyway, I’m boring myself with this entry now, so I’ll stop before someone’s eyes start to bleed. Anyway, I’m a bit more cheerful after writing that out (and after eating some of mama’s good ol’ home cookin’), so I’m gonna jet and finish this essay on hip-hop’s effects on children and junk. Peace y’all.

See you when I look at you,

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