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Last updated on February 2nd, 2024 at 08:52 pm

This is the Christmas tree at Sarah’s apartment. For your amusement, the story of how it got there:

  • Went to buy a tree.
  • Got a 6-foot tree. Carried it back myself. After having day surgery on my toe. Hrm.
  • Got it inside.
  • It looked pathetic inside.
  • Convinced the girls to take it back and upsize.
  • I carried it back.
  • We paid $10 more and got an 8-foot tree.
  • We all carried it back.
  • We brought it in. We sawed off the stump with a dinky saw—took about an hour to get through the softwood.

After all that, I let the girls handle decorating—they’re far more in the spirit than I.

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