The difference between Harry Potter and Star Wars: A New Hope = …pretty much nothing!

via hidama.tumblr.com I’M ON TO YOU, J.K. ROWLING!!! Another example of the classic S&M (Steal and Modify) model in action. The worst part? NO ONE WAS HURT IN THIS PROCESS. LUCAS AND ROWLING are BOTH RICH. Damn it all.

0015: The Rough Life of an Artiste, Part Deux

So here I am, finding out that I have something of an extension to get this calendar done. When I say “extension”, I mean until 6:30 pm tomorrow evening. When I say “until 6:30 pm tomorrow evening”, I mean that’s when the client wants the calendar in their […]

0009: Here Comes a New Challenger!!! (How Doomz Creates Characters.)

Hey all, Here’s another Saturday, and another sketch session that’ll be missed due to me and my absenteeism 😉 (But really, it’s due to a conflicting schedule. Alas, this is ME we’re talking  about here – I’m always doing something.) Now that I’ve actually managed to find a […]

0005: www.getyourdamnwebsiteup.com

About to grab a pizza with double pepperoni! Yeaaaah boyeeee! Today after running a number of errands I didn’t necessarily want to do (but were good to get out of the way, nonetheless), I started working on what will be my website. I was chatting with mi hermano […]

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