A photo of Casey Palmer at his friends' wedding on the west side of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, wearing a Saks Fifth Avenue suit, which he fit into again after losing thirty pounds.

Father to Two.
Husband to One.
Second to None.

Storyteller, designer, coder, Excel whiz and more, Casey combines a diverse tool kit in unexpected ways to share ideas that exceed our expectations of what’s possible!

More than just a Canadian Dad!

While he ran the dad brand Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad for more than a decade, Casey’s more than just a father, and his storytelling’s grown to reflect that!

Creating digitally for 25 years and counting

Building websites since 1998, blogging since 2001, and obsessed with what he could do with pencils and pens ever since he could hold them, Casey won’t let any tool—or lack thereof—stop him from accomplishing his ideas!

Doing it for the dads!

As one of Canada’s best-known dads, Casey’s made appearances everywhere with his fatherhood tips, from TV to radio to books and speaking in public! While he doesn’t post about his kids like he used to (their friends being old enough to have devices and all), fatherhood’s still a very integral piece of his life!


Despite finding his way through an increasingly digital age, Casey is as comfortable with a laptop or phone as he is with needle and thread or pen and ink. His only limitation is his imagination!

Taking the road less travelled

Like many Torontonians, Casey’s spent time travelling where we could, having the opportunity to visit 16 countries across three continents so far with more to come! While he’s kept travel a little more local of late with young children, there’s a big world out there and he’s hoping to see it!

Learned to work smarter, because harder wasn’t cutting it anymore

People expect parents to sacrifice as they get older and take on more responsibility, but family, career and creativity are all important to Casey, and he continues to find ways to make everything fit despite a society that says it shouldn’t be possible.

Forging a renewed relationship with his fortysomething body every day

After coming to terms that a pandemic full of bad choices and a handful of problematic genes to boot, it was enough for Casey to take his health seriously and bounce back from the precipice of high blood pressure and diabetes, losing thirty pounds in the process!

Some of his latest projects…

There’s never a dull moment in the life of Casey Palmer with new ideas bouncing around in his head every night. Here’s just a selection of the many projects he’s working on!

The Black Canadian Creator Directory

  • A list of 550+ Black Canadian Creators who you can discover for your awareness!
  • Searchable and filterable by name, niche, and location!
  • Lists a number of social media links to learn more about them (Instagram, Facebook, X, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitch, and podcasts!)
One of the Palmer boys scaling a tree as part of summer camp!

A 2024 Parents’ Guide to Summer Camps in the Toronto Area

  • Nearly 160 summer camps in the Toronto area, with descriptions of what you can expect from each camp!
  • Searchable and filterable by all fields with links to each camp!
  • Listed by location, activity, type of camp, ages and cost!

I would most definitely recommend Casey Palmer to any brands looking to work with an influencer who can create engaging, quality content, and I am excited about continuing to work with Casey on some exciting initiatives moving forward!”

Gabe Mederos

Vice President, Integrated Media Strategy at Weber Shandwick

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