Pampers Easy Ups | Getting Aware of the Better Way to Underwear!

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Potty training is a pain in the butt.

PunΒ totallyΒ intended.

I’ll look back at thisΒ in the future and laugh, but I have aΒ stubbornΒ toddlerΒ refusingΒ to do away with diapers. We’ve tried it allβ€”using a sticker chart to reward every #2; promising everyΒ Paw PatrolΒ toy under the sun if only he’d learn to use the toilet… evenΒ jealousyΒ by putting hisΒ baby brother on the potty for some elimination communication, but nothing’s quiteΒ stuck.

But we can’t just give upβ€”diapers aren’t a good look for kindergarten kids, so we’ve got just under a year to help him say the magic words:

“I’m ready for underwear!”

See, the transition from infancy toΒ childhoodΒ need not be so difficultβ€”parenting in 2016 offersΒ soΒ many options, and Pampers takesΒ full advantage of this with their brand-new Pampers Easy Ups training pantsβ€”the better way to underwear!

Level Ups with Pampers Easy Ups β€” Getting Aware of the Better Way to Underwear! β€” Pampers Easy Ups Presentation Table

Designed to help toddlers through their potty training journeys, Pampers Easy Ups look, fit and feel more like real underwear and provide features that make themΒ stellarβ€”little ones think they’re underwear, but parents know they’re Pampers!

Some of the key features include:

  • AΒ 360Β° stretchy waistbandΒ that makes it easier for toddlers to pull Easy Ups up and down
  • Extra absorb channelsΒ distributing wetness evenly insideΒ Easy Ups, providing protection against leaks 24/7
  • Dual leak-guard barriersΒ to help stop leaks around the legs, where they happenΒ most
  • Super soft materialΒ makingΒ them feelΒ evenΒ softer than cotton underwear, and
  • Easy tear sidesΒ that make removal easy when needed!

Pampers made Easy UpsΒ the perfect companion for little ones ready for the porcelain throneβ€”but they didn’t stop there!

With an event at The Richmond, Pampers madeΒ sureΒ the message was clearβ€”these training pants will change how kidsΒ kick the diaper habit!

Level Ups with Pampers Easy Ups β€” Getting Aware of the Better Way to Underwear! β€” Crowd ShotTo make the event the best it could be, it had a little bit of everything, including:

  • Words fromΒ Social Common’s Cat & Nat, who served as Brand Ambassadors for the Pampers Easy Ups launch
  • AΒ toddler play areaΒ to keep those little ones busy to let you get your mingle on
  • AΒ breakfast stationΒ for grabbing some grubβ€” it’sΒ easy to forget to feedΒ yourselfΒ when you’re getting everyoneΒ elseΒ out the door
  • AΒ photo shoot areaΒ which helpedβ€”I’m usually so busyΒ takingΒ my family’s photos that I’m rarely in themΒ myself, and
  • AΒ calendar-making stationΒ with a calligrapher who’d turn those prints into personalised take-home keepsakes!

Pampers Easy Ups are an impressive feat of training pants technology, but that won’t mean aΒ thingΒ if you can’t get your little one toΒ wearΒ them. So toΒ spur our little dude in the right direction, Pampers did one last thing.

Ending one’s diaper-clad days isn’t just some everyday event, and Pampers wanted our toddler to know this, sending himΒ an Easy Ups care packageΒ that’d give him something to remember as he made this huge step! In fact, we even recorded a video of the event, so if you want to see what he thought, make sure to watch it below!

Pampers Easy Ups β€” Exactly What You Need for the Kid Who Says “But I Like Wearing Wet Diapers!” (True story.)

Level Ups with Pampers Easy Ups β€” Getting Aware of the Better Way to Underwear! β€” Xavier Taking a Bite of MommySo if your little one’s ready for big kid pants, Pampers Easy Ups may be justΒ theΒ thing they need to start using the bathroom like theΒ restΒ of their family!

(And I don’t meanΒ sitting around on their smartphone while someone’s pounding away on the door ’cause they’veΒ reallyΒ gotta go!)

Good luck with those parentingΒ perils, and until the next, I remain,

–case p.

Disclaimer: Pampers did indeed pay for this post in both Easy Ups and cash. That said, our toddler’s takingΒ quiteΒ well to his Pampers Easy Upsβ€”hopefully forΒ goodΒ this time!

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