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An Ode to the Important Women in My Life

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Eventually, when it’s the first of June and I look back at the May that was, I’ll likely wonder how the heck I managed to get through it all. Many of us fret over Mother’s Day and how to show proper appreciation for some of the most important women in our lives, but as fate would have it, we somehow decided it wise to pack Mother’s Day, Sarah’s birthday, our wedding anniversary—and this year, Sarah’s sister’s wedding—all into the same month! Mamma mia!

But I digress.

We Did Mother's Day the Pampers Way—an Ode to the Important Women in My Life—Casey Palmer's Family

Busy month notwithstanding, I don’t know about you, but Moms are very important in my life. In a move I appreciate far more now that I’m older with kids of my own, my Dad sacrificed time with the family to work 14-hour days six times a week so he could put a roof over our heads. In a time long before the wealth of children’s programming we have now to watch over the kids of parents who have to work, this meant Mom would have to drop us off at pick us up from our Grandma’s house, who then would make sure we got to the bus so we could get to school. I’m the by-product of a strong network of women who made sure to feed, clothe and care for my brothers and I because they wanted a brighter future for their children that wouldn’t see them torn away from their families due to work.

And that’s exactly what I hope to cultivate for my boys. Sure—the sacrifices of my parents undoubtedly set the stage for a life where I’m afforded the time and energy to stay involved in my sons’ lives, but I’m wholly aware that there’re things I’m ill-equipped or simply unable to provide for them myself. The future I crave for my boys relies on the loving inputs of both their parents, and it all starts with choices made the moment they exit the womb.

Part of this master plan to raise amazing kids is keeping their rear ends safe from diaper rashes and their outfits free of leaks so they can start their lives as comfortably as possible. For that, you’ll regularly see Pampers on their booties, doing their job before, during and after those little accidents with both diapers and wipes to handle the business.

Mother’s Day the Pampers Way: Recognizing the Women Strong Enough to Make Us the People We Are Today.

We Did Mother's Day the Pampers Way—an Ode to the Important Women in My Life—Casey Palmer's Grandmother, Mother and Eldest Son

Children are serious business, so we should take our parenting decisions seriously as well. My boys and I spent this past Mother’s Day weekend celebrating the women who’ve held us up, letting them know we couldn’t have made it this far without them. With lives as busy as the ones we have today, it’s too easy to take things for granted, but it’s imperative that our closest relationships aren’t one of them!

I hope the Moms out there all enjoyed their Mother’s Days, and may this prize go to a child who’d love to enjoy what a clean bum can do for them!

Until the next, I remain,

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My mom was a stay at home mom and baking with her was always fun.

Something I loved was going to visit my mom at her work. She was an elementary school teacher. It was so great to see how much the other children loved her. Made me appreciate her all the more.

My favorite memory is from when I was a kid. We’d camp out in our living room for movie night with mom. Every mattress on every bed would be in the middle of the floor. We’d laugh until we fell asleep.

My mother was quite ill when I was a child but I have fond memories of her just letting me play with her hair and fix it up in crazy up-dos.

my favorite memory is when my mom and i went on a via rail train trip to Edmonton, it was a lot of fun and it was nice that it was just the two of us!

My greatest memory with my mom is the road trip I went on with her when I was 19. We had so much fun and it was a great transition in our relationship from her being the grown-up and I the child to a grown-up relationship.

I miss my late mother, we used to go shopping every 2 or 3 days, we would pick a place to go and we would go and enjoy the day together shopping, talking and just enjoying the time together. Shes been gone for more the 4 yrs but still feels like yesterday. I am so thankful for memories, pictures, videos and the time spent with her before she passed. thanks for the chance to win

I guess for me it would be my wedding day and how she looked at me as I walked down the aisle. Guess it shaped me into a confident wife and now mother.

Oh my, where can I start. My mom was always there when we were kids. She taught us to fold laundry and play outside.

The greatest memory of my mom was when I was in labor with my youngest daughter. Being able to have her at the hospital with me really calmed me down and made the experience that much better. We were able to really bond and connect even more then before

my greatest memory of my Mom was watching her with the gramdkids, she loved playing with them and they all adored her, she showed each of them how special they were to her

My favorite memory is when my mom, four sisters and I would have a dance party in the living room with the music playing loud. We always had the best times and still do!

My greatest memory with my Mom is laying in bed hiding from everybody and we would take turns playing tetris on my little handheld gameboy. I LOVED those days. 😀

My most cherished memory with my mom is when she came into the recovery room and met her granddaughters for the first time. She just re-emphasized her role as my rock right at that moment.

The memory with my mom that stays with me was the love and time she gave to us unconditionally. She spent so much time with us playing games, baking or just cuddling. From that I wanted my children and grandchildren to cherish the same moments with me. We love spending time together so much as I did with my mom.

The best memories of my mom are when I was young and we would go out and do errands like grocery shopping, banking, etc. I was the only one with her until I went to kindergarten because both of my sisters are so much older. I would hold her hand and sometimes she would let me have a treat or go on a ride. For some reason these are my fondest memories about my mom. I think it’s because it was the only time it would be just me and her.

My favourite memory with my mom is going to the zoo with her when I was really small!

my fondest memory would be helping my mom cook and bake, she would sing songs from her childhood in Europe and tell stories about when she was young.

My greatest memory with my mom is when I was accidentley backed over by our neighbour’s car when I was four years old .I was on my tricycle and sitting behind his car when he backed up.Fortunately he heard me scream because his window was down.My tricycle took a beating but thankfully I was just badly scratched up from head to toe.I remember my mom putting bandages on me everywhere,and kissing all my bobos.I guess this memory has made me into a super cautious and maybe a little over protective as a mom and grandma.

My best time with my Mom was when we were in Jamicia this year.

I always enjoyed all the time i spent with mom , but baking and shopping with her were always my Favorite times and memories ! we still do the shopping and baking , we make a great team 🙂

My husband and I welcomed our 2nd tiny love into our family on April 28th. My Mom has been my biggest supporter and loudest cheerleader. She always puts other before herself and I’d be lost in this crazy parenthood game without her! My greatest Mom memory has to be when we welcomed home our 1st son. It saddens me to admit this but it wasn’t until that moment…watching her love, kiss, hold and interact with him that I realized there was a day, a moment in time (so be it long ago and so very quick) that she held me like that. I watch her with my boys. I see her hum to them, rock them for hours and kiss them all over and I know now how very much she loved me when I came into her world! If I had it to do all over again I would have loved her better. I wouldn’t have made her cry or worry…I would have tried harder! And it was at that moment that I truly appreciated her…for all she is and all she’s done! <3

A member of Satan’s Choice the motorcycle gang ran his bike into our fence in Toronto when I was 10 years old. He did substantial damage. He was a tough looking man and I was terrified. He got on his bike and drove off. He lived on the next street over. My mom walked over and knocked on his door. She demanded that he repair the fence. He tried to intimidate her but she stood her ground and said if the fence was not repaired she would call the police. Two weeks later the fence was repaired by several of his friends. My mom taught me that you don’t back down and you don’t let others intimidate you.

The one thing about my mother I remember and appreciate from childhood is that she always treated me like an equal, not like a child. When grown up were around, she never made me feel like what I had to say was less important. The thing I love the most about her, is how she is with my children. Her love for them is palpable!

my mom would bring us fun places in our town while we were growing up, in order to expose us to a wide variety of things and people. she always made sure we had fun and learned lots, whether it was the park, pool, museum, library, etc. that made me who i am today, a curious and interested person!

I have some wonderful memories baking with my mom as a young child – her wonderful skills as a baker and cook have given me a valuable skill as well~

I really can’t pick just one great time with my mom. She is such a patient, encouraging, soft-hearted person that all my childhood memories that involve her are awesome. The best compliment I’ve ever received was being told I remind people of my mother because I strive to be half the woman she is.

My greatest memory with my mom was when my son was born. He was born preemie, my first baby, I was worried and she stood by my side. When he was born the doctors diagnosed my son with down syndrome. My mom held my hand and promised to be by my side through the new journey I was about to take. The doctors and social workers kept pushing for me to place him up for adoption, she supported my choice to continue my journey with this little bundle of joy. This has been the best one of my life! And she continues to be by my side 15 amazing years later. My son has taught us the true meaning of unconditional love! And through this I see it in my mom too.

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