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That Parent Life Isn't So Hard with Pampers Rewards! (Featured Image)

There’s no way we’d make it this far as parents if it weren’t for the community of peers that built up around us.

You likely won’t appreciate this if you haven’t had kids yourself, but it’s a life change that can prove very isolating for new parents! The friends without kids want to give you space to adjust to your new addition, but what you need is all hands on deck to help you figure things out. The friends with kids might only have time to pop in for a quick visit or to drop food and supplies off to keep you going. What new parents need is to find others going through the same thing as they are, for there’s power in numbers and they can find their way through it together.

For us, we did it through Sarah creating a Facebook group for parents with babies born in November 2013. Through it, she met plenty of local Moms with kids the same age who’d get what she was going through. It forged friendships still going strong today, and though it gets tricky manoeuvring through the birthday parties each year, I’d say it’s one of the best things that happened to us as parents.

You share resources—a toy or tool that didn’t work for one child might work for another. You share stories—you never know how much your experiences might encourage friends in their time of need. But what might be the most crucial thing that’s shared is knowledge. The tips, tricks and techniques parents share lay the foundation for our growth. They teach us how to make the most of the time and energy we put into our efforts. They let us do the impossible in raising our kids. And when you can apply them without breaking the bank? That right there, friends, is a bonus—the very kind you’ll get through the Pampers Rewards app!

That Parent Life Isn’t So Hard with Pampers Rewards!—The App That’ll Change Your Parenting Game!

That Parent Life Isn't So Hard with Pampers Rewards!—Pampers Rewards Banner

For ten years now, the Pampers Rewards loyalty app’s offered valuable rewards in exchange for the codes parents find inside various Pampers products. Though entering those codes did once take some effort with consumers needing to enter them accurately on the Pampers site, that’s no longer the case with their 2017 relaunch, which saw a new Pampers Rewards app with new rewards and the ability to simply scan codes in!

Parenting is complicated enough—we’re only four years in, but believe me we’ve already seen plenty of moments that had us wanting to separate our hair from our scalps! The Pampers Rewards app, however, is as simple as waving your phone in front of a code—bigger kids mean bigger problems; take the wins where you can get them!

That Parent Life Isn’t So Hard with Pampers Rewards! —Because Parenting Keeps on Changing… But There’s Always Tools That’ll Help.

That Parent Life Isn't So Hard with Pampers Rewards!—Brotherly Kiss