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Once you go rack, you never go back.

Get Meat That's Sure to Pop at the Paramount Butcher Shop—Cuts of Meat

The problem with eating delicious meat is that lesser cuts just don’t taste the same once you have!

When Paramount Fine Foods invited myself and a few other tastemakers to the grand opening of their Yonge & Eglinton Paramount Butcher Shop location (pun intended), I expected good food. I’d hit my share of butcher shops over the years, so I figured my taste buds were ready for whatever might come my way.

I couldn’t be more wrong—they most definitely were not.

The Juicy Story Behind the Paramount Butcher Shop

You see, there’s something special about the Paramount Butcher Shop.

Get Meat That's Sure to Pop at the Paramount Butcher Shop—Outside Shot

Based on the success of their award-winning Mississauga location, Paramount sources exceptional halal meats from local farms so that only the best cuts make their way to your dinner table. And that’s halal meat in the strictest sense. The animals have all-natural diets. And raised humanely. Food that’s tasty, healthy and consistently fresh is Paramount’s standard, and it makes a heckuva difference!

The whole story behind the Paramount Butcher Shop started ten years ago when the founders saw the need for a higher-end Lebanese restaurant as customers’ palates grew ever more discerning. In the decade since, they’ve 75 locations and growing, offering their clientele true halal cuisine at a quality that’s hard to find elsewhere!

Until now.

Get Meat That's Sure to Pop at the Paramount Butcher Shop—Cooked Lamb Shanks

See, the food was so good that their customers wanted the same cuts and ingredients at home, but couldn’t because many halal butcher shops just weren’t up to snuff! And so, seeing a gap between supply and customer demand, Paramount extended their services to butchery for clients demanding nothing but the best.

What it’s Like Shopping at the Paramount Butcher Shop

Get Meat That's Sure to Pop at the Paramount Butcher Shop—Getting the Grand Tour Inside

So what’s it like?

The first thing that struck me when I stepped in was how pristine it is! All the food’s displayed to show how delicious it is, giving even the most amateur chef enough inspiration to make an excellent meal! Amidst a barrage of chicken, lamb and beef, we quickly understood how skilled Paramount’s butchers are, using their talents to create exceptional experiences that’ll make you wonder just what you’ve been eating all this time!

But despite all that, the real magic lay in the back, thanks to the power of the Himalayan Salt Wall!

Get Meat That's Sure to Pop at the Paramount Butcher Shop—Himalayan Salt Wall

Acting as a natural air purifier for the meats they store within it, the Himalayan Salt Wall seals off the room where Paramount ages its beef, offering cuts up to sixty days aged for maximum deliciousness! It draws humidity out, creating the ideal controlled environment for the ageing process. To demonstrate just how delicious this beef could be, Paramount had William el Dbaissy on hand—their corporate executive chef—who showed us a quick way to get the most out of our meat!

Great quality. Products marinated from scratch. One-on-one personalised service that treats each guest like a client, not just a customer. Welcome to the Paramount Butcher Shop—if you didn’t think meat could blow your mind, try it for yourself!

Why it Only Takes One Visit to Get Hooked to Paramount’s Food

Get Meat That's Sure to Pop at the Paramount Butcher Shop—Paramount Butcher Shop Wall Description

Not all meat is made equally.

If you’ve ever wondered why you pay more for the meat at a steakhouse than you would at a grocery store is that so much goes into choosing the perfect piece of meat to make that dish.

Cut. Yield. Fat. Colour. There’s far more that goes into creating delicious meat dishes than the average consumer would ever think of, and these are the kinds of things the staff at the Paramount Butcher Shop keep in mind every time they make the right choice for you.

Life’s too short to fill yourself with inferior food. Find someone who can show you the way to better meat—the team at the Paramount Butcher Shop is an excellent step in the right direction!

Enjoy barbecue season, and until the next,

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Disclaimer: As noted, I was invited to the Paramount Butcher Shop for an exclusive dining experience before the grand opening of their Yonge & Eglinton location. I ate delicious food and took home some goodies for the family to try! All thoughts and opinions—as always—are entirely honest and entirely my own.

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