Patience, Waiting, and not Wanting to Just Lose it

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I hope that after yesterday’s post, I helped you put a bit more common sense in your day-to-day habits. Another issue I see people have all the time is patience. Checking watches. Complaining about how slow the subway is. Everyone’s always in a hurry. Every last move that everyone makes seems to be the most important one they’ll ever make. It’s as if nothing else in the world is important save the path that they must cut through the crowds to get to their destinations. It can get very mind-boggling at times!

Saturday February 26, 2011 involved a TON of waiting. During a 6-hour span, I was:

  • Waiting to see if NatandMarie would get up in time to go to breakfast (they didn’t—they had a late night be night before and overslept—they’re still cool, though!)
  • Waiting for a bus to go out to the fringes of Toronto to pick up some card stock
  • Waiting to get some service at Paperland so I could buy some cardstock to give to Tyrone at Guerilla Printing so we could run some test copies of wedding invitations
  • Waiting for a bus to escape from Markham back to a diverse population (yes, I went there!)
  • Waiting on that same bus for another bus while we all waited for the cops to show up about an earlier incident on the bus—if I’d switched to the first bus that’d come by, I wouldn’t have been waiting, though. That was a heckuva long wait, for the record.
  • Waiting for the subway which showed as “temporarily delayed” on the signboard above after JUST missing one
  • Waiting on another train that’s apparently supposed to come in 8 mins. Then 9 mins. Then 2 mins. And now back to 8 mins. And now 11?!
  • Waiting for streetcars
  • Waiting for food
  • Waiting, waiting, waiting

If I were a lesser man, I’d have let all this waiting and time wasting get to me—but why worry? In that situation, there was only so much I could do. What was outside of my control:

  • When public transit does or doesn’t run
  • How long it takes to get service in a place of business
  • How long it takes to cook food

SO MUCH is outside of our control in general. Sometimes we just need to chill, let things work out the way they’re going to work out, and move on contentedly with our lives. If we can’t do that, I think everyone will be losing their minds THAT much quicker!

So take a chill pill. Stop and smell the roses. Take it easy! Trust me. Your life will be better for it.

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