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Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 09:40 pm

Many things in life aren’t what we expect them to be People will often hype up the latest popular TV show, movie, etc., and when you finally get around to watching it, it falls short of your expectations.

You might be looking forward to a vacation for months, building a fantasy of what it will be like in your mind, but upon getting there, it might not be the dream trip you were hoping for. Weather, unexpected delays and human error can always throw a wrench in the works.

But enough doom and gloom—just because things won’t always be what you expect doesn’t mean that it has to ruin your day.

It’s all based on one’s perspective.

Two people can be in the same situation and see it in completely different ways. Take the following video for example from an old Ameriquest commercial:

Think about it from the two perspectives.


Okay, It’s cool. Five-second rule. This brownie’s delicious, and damn it, I’m gonna get my snack on! Mm mm! That brownie’s delicious! Huh? Oh look, it’s an old lady and her granddaughter! Hi guys! Why’re they looking at me like th– ****.

Okay! And for my next act, I think we can simplify their perspective to a simple thought:


So let us not be so quick to judge! Even when we’re IN a situation, the other participants may not automatically see eye-to-eye. Without properly communicating what’s happening so that everyone’s on the same page, the obvious becomes obscured, or worse—offensive!

So the next time you’re in a situation, and:

  • You don’t really know what’s going on; or
  • You’re about to get into a fight; or
  • You’re not even involved in the situation, but you feel a strong urge to get involved;

remember these rules to make sure that everyone’s approaching the situation from a 20/20 perspective:

  1. Communicate to ensure that everyone’s on the same page.
  2. Listen to what the other person’s saying.
  3. See it from the other person’s view.
  4. Keep your ego and pride in check.
  5. Don’t get involved if it’s not your fight.
  6. Admit when you’re wrong.
  7. Don’t make assumptions.
  8. Have patience.
  9. Get a tie-breaking vote.
  10. And sometimes, you just need to agree to disagree!

So while an eye for an eye can make the whole world blind, it takes all five senses to reach a consensus.


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