Philips MultiGroom 5000 | How to Upgrade Your Shave!

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Too many men I know just let themselves go after becoming Dads, and it’s not doing them any favours. Wardrobes full of hoodies and ill-fitting shirts; intramural after-work sports swapped for cold ones on the couch, watching the games they used to play; and their grooming habits shot to hell with time for self-care sacrificed for other priorities.

But what if it’s just because we’re doing it wrong? What if we’re supposed to invest in pricier shirts that don’t wrinkle instead of not having the time to iron. Or cooking in batches so we stuff fast food to our faces less often? Or even refining how we shave—and the Philips MultiGroom 5000 is just the tool to get you there!

Upgrade Your Shave with the Philips MultiGroom 5000!—The Philips MultiGroom 5000, its Combs and Attachments

Borne of self-sharpening finely ground chromium steel, the MultiGroom 5000 comes with seven attachments and gives you flexible styling power over your face and hair.

It’s a beast of a machine—it gives you 60 minutes of cordless use after a one-hour charge (though you can use it while plugged in as well); it’s easy to use and fully washable; it can even give you a turbo power boost for those times when you need to deal with really thick hair! Its reinforced trimming guards prevent bending and buckling, it’s an extra-wide hair trimmer for comfort, and with a cleaning brush and blades that are constantly sharpening themselves as they work, the Philips Multigroom 5000 will deliver the maximum level of shave to your face every time!

Here’s some of what you’ll find inside:

  • Four attachments:
    • A detail trimmer that’ll let you define sharp lines around your beard or goatee,
    • A precision shaver (or detail foil shaver) that helps shave small areas for a clean finish,
    • A rotary nose and ear trimmer to get rid of unwanted nose and ear hair safely and comfortably,
    • And a full-size metal trimmer that helps you get clean, sharp lines around the edges of your beard! Compatible with the full-size trimmer are three combs:
      • A beard and stubble comb with 18 adjustable lengths from 1-18 mm to trim your beard exactly the way you like it,
      • A stubble comb, adjustable with 12 lengths from 1-12 mm if you want something more dedicated,
      • And a hair comb with 18 lengths from 3-20 mm, so you can get your hairstyle on point.

So if you’re looking for a skin-friendly trimmer with plenty of options, the high-performing Philips MultiGroom 5000’s one strong contender!

And one lucky Canadian’s getting their hands on one!

Upgrade Your Shave with the Philips MultiGroom 5000!—The Philips MultiGroom 5000, its Combs and Attachments—Man Using the Philips MultiGroom 5000

As with all contests at Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad, it takes little more than a click and a valid email address to enter, but you stand a far better chance if you use some optional entries to stay in the game. Good luck! (Contest open to Canadians aged 18+ living outside of Quebec. Contest ends 5/27 @ 11:59 PM ET.)

A Philips MultiGroom 5000 Giveaway!

The Philips MultiGroom 5000—The Trimmer When You Need a Little Versatility!

Upgrade Your Shave with the Philips MultiGroom 5000!—The Philips MultiGroom 5000, its Combs and Attachments—Handheld Demonstration

Now, the MultiGroom 5000 isn’t the only way to get your look on fleek—Philips also offers models like the OneBlade for precise trimming, styling and edging, and the Beard Trimmer Series 5000 to keep those chin whiskers in line—but with a 5-minute quick charge giving you one full trim and a lithium-ion battery that keeps it ticking, it’s a great option for anyone looking to kick things up a notch!

Getting your grown man on ain’t easy… but it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for maximum precision and reinforced guards that won’t bend, try giving the Philips MultiGroom 5000 a whirl—your face will thank you!

Until the next,

–case p.

Disclaimer: Philips sent a MultiGroom 5000 trimmer for my review, and just the nose hair trimmer alone is a game-changer for me! Thoughts and opinions, as always, remain my own.

By Casey E. Palmer

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60 replies on “Philips MultiGroom 5000 | How to Upgrade Your Shave!”

My friend Josh — I think his secret is that he is just simply dedicated to keeping to his regime.

My oldest & youngest sons, I believe it’s because both are professionals who have to keep themselves well groomed.

My husband is the best groomed man I know. His secret is that he uses a Phillips hair trimmer, to cut his own hair.

ME! I groom everyday without fail. My secret is to use high quality products for skin, nail and hair care.

My son he definitely spends quality time grooming,he always looks so fresh and clean !

My brother inlaw is the most groomed guy I know and I think it’s because he wants and needs to look good for the ladies!!

It is my son. He always looks well groomed although I don’t know his secret- in part it is youth!

My husband is the best groomed man I know. His secret is he takes the time to do it!

My hubby likes a clean shaven look and spends as much time as needed to make sure he looks good through the day.

My son Justin. He can grow a full beard in no time, so he has become an expert at grooming. He always looks suave.

My son is the best groom guy I know. He takes forever to shave and make sure he looks his best all the time.

My husband, he knows how to make himself look good by keeping a great grooming routine

My Son , he’s a sharp dresser and likes to look good , something that runs in the family , everyone tries to look their best and look well groomed 🙂

i would say my brother in law. Always looks so put together! not sure what his secret is though..just very meticulate!

My husband is the best groomed man I know. He does a lot of research on products before he uses them. He keeps his beard trimmed nicely through the winter and then keeps clean shaved through the summer. He uses a special beard wash and beard cream and combs his beard every morning and evening.

The best groomed man that I know would be my husband…and my oldest brother actually cleans himself up pretty good too. It’s my dad who needs a lot of work lol

My hubby! He is a VP in the corporate area and has been for years. So, he has definitely accomplished the art of looking sharp and polished…unlike his wife :).

My 17 year old son is the best groomed man I know. He just has a knack for looking good.

My husband is the best groomed man I know! I love that he just keeps it simple. He keeps his hair cut, shaves every day and sometimes has a goatee. I love David just the way he is. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

I would have to pick my hubby, he know how to keep himself groomed and looking good (well at least to me 🙂 ). Thanks for the giveaway, this would make a great birthday gift for him!

My husband is the best groomed man I know and he shaves daily to keep himself looking good!

My brother. He keeps his hair and beard trimmed nicely. He’s very tall, and wears great suits. Spiffy!

one of my brothers is very well groomed, he’s picky about his hair and how he is dresses

the best groomed man I know is my 22 year old son Travis. I think he just spends a lot of time in front of the mirror lol

The best groomed man I know is my brother. His only secret is he’s a perfectionist. He literally can’t have one hair out of place. My father is the same.

My brother is one of the best groomed men I know. He is a professional barber and takes pride in how he looks. His secret is being taught or learned to groom well at a young age by an instructor and having the right products and appliances to groom with.

I think my husband looks great! He shaves regularly but allows a bit of scruff on the weekend or when on vacation!

Our 30+ year old son. Fabulous taste, always looks put together but without trying too hard. And I love his classic look. (but then again, I’m his mom and maybe a bit blind. lol)

That would be my oldest son.He is handsome and debonair.He is the kind of guy that can wear a pair of ragged denim shorts and he still looks sauve ,polished and so gallant.

My dad is the best groomed man I know and I think his secret is putting effort into taking care of his skin

My dad has always been the best groomed man that I know, and he works at it every day to look his best.

Ryan Reynolds! Ok, I don’t know him, but every time I see him in the media he looks impeccable!

My best friend keeps his face best groomed because he keeps on it and keeps it clean every morning

The best-groomed man I know is probably my brother. He uses manual clippers right now, so he might find this prize makes things easier for him.

My boyfriend always looks smooth! I think it’s the clean shaven look – really noticeable!

My dad is the best groomed man I know and his secret is to use warm water when lathering up.

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