The Philips OneBlade — A Better Shave Than You Ever Thought POSSIBLE. (Featured Image)

Philips OneBlade Review

A Better Shave Than You Ever Thought POSSIBLE.

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Last updated on February 13th, 2024 at 07:12 am

“It’s not a product. It’s not a shaver. It’s a whole new category.

— The Philips OneBlade marketing material

The Philips OneBlade vs. Black Skin—Is It the Best Electric Shaver for Black Men?

There’s a pretty universal truth when it comes to Black men and grooming—we can’t shave our faces with just anything.

I mean, I learned to shave like most dudes—my Dad got me disposable razors in my early preteen years, showing me how to carefully drag the blade across my skin, pulling taut now and then to make sure I got everything in even the trickiest of spots.

But you know what happens when you cut tight curls with a cheap razor and let it grow back?

Razor bumps.

The Philips OneBlade vs. Razor Bumps—Just How Well Will it Fare?

The curse of Black men everywhere; it often feels like you can’t shave your face without avoiding razor bumps. I know gents who hit the barbershop weekly for a lineup and a shave, but not everyone has the luxury of time or the dollars to do that 52 times a year. In my case, I got a barber-grade Andis T-Outliner that’s been a dream to work with… but as a wired unit, what’re you supposed to do when an outlet isn’t handy?

If you ask Philips, they’ll give you an answer that just might be the cordless version of the best electric shaver for Black men—the Philips OneBlade!

Looking at the Philips OneBlade—Why It’s One of My Favourite Electric Shavers!

I was leery when approached to test the OneBlade—it took a long time to find a razor that wouldn’t mess my face up, and I wasn’t anxious to break that routine, #BloggerLife or no.

But it held promise—the Philips OneBlade says it’s “the biggest leap forward in facial hair maintenance since razors were invented,” and maybe there’s some weight to that claim!

No larger than your modern disposable razor, Philips packed in several features to the OneBlade that set it apart from the standard offerings:

  • protected blades that last up to 6 months and cut 200 times per second for a clean, precise shave
  • a unique design that lets the OneBlade cut both wet and dry hair without clogging, pulling or nicking
  • attachment heads in three different sizes so you can shave or trim to varying lengths as desired, and
  • a built-in rechargeable battery so you can sharpen your image at even a moment’s notice!

With the starter system retailing for $44.99 CAD and replacement blades at $19.99 CAD for one or $34.99 CAD for two, it’s cost-effective, convenient, and a new way to come correct with your face game!

The Philips OneBlade—The Shave Many of Us Have Been Looking For.

Was it perfect for Black hair? Not entirely—I did find myself with some razor bumps after using the OneBlade, but it could’ve just as likely been from the exfoliating beforehand or the aftershave I never used after.

So yeah—the best way to get your razor game on fleek might not even involve razors; the Philips OneBlade will give the look you want at a fraction of the time and cost of other options.

My parents always stressed that a man should look his best when he goes out into the world, and while it’s tough to keep it up with two rugrats scampering around, I’m glad there’re tools like these to make it all a little easier.

Happy grooming, and until the next,

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Disclaimer: Philips sent me a Philips OneBlade to review for this post, pleasantly surprised at what it could do! I’m not quite ready to give up my trusty Andis, but I’ll definitely agree that the OneBlade is way more convenient to carry around!


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