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Pampers Helps Plan the Perfect Baby Shower!

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Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 01:09 am

Won’t lie—if I didn’t have Sarah making sure our wedding and baby registries were on point, our kids would be walking around naked, and our dining room flatware wouldn’t be nearly as nice. Stereotypes be damned—I’m not that good a planner, and you need to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s whether you’re throwing the shower… or you’re the one in the spotlight!

Figuring out the gifts you’ll need at a shower’s a lot like planning your career path when you’re still in high school—you only know so much, and you’ll wish you did things differently years down the road. Let’s take a look at Moms—when asked, 90% of Moms wished they’d included more diapers in their registry. 40% of Moms wished they’d asked for diapers of different sizes—babies grow, after all!

Just like with pretty much every parent in the history of the trade, these are but examples of things you learn as you go, and no matter how much your peers and parents tell you otherwise, there’re some things you’ll need to learn for yourself.

Like that you’ll probably use less than half the stuff you get at your shower. Or that there’re buy ‘n’ sell groups who’ll likely have almost anything you’re looking for. Or the simple fact that you’ll without fail underestimate how many diapers you’re going to go through!

And that’s where people like me come in, not only as a Dad but also as a Dad Blogger. I can offer advice because I’ve been there.

The Gift of Pampers—The Baby Shower Gift that Keeps on Giving!

While you’ll never find me filling diapers with chocolate for a shower game, I can appreciate that we all want to celebrate these major milestones in our lives. But I’ve definitely grown from the guy who’s going to get you something fun for your next phase to the one who’ll get you what you actually need.

Even if you don’t know it yet.

For wedding showers, there’re Egyptian cotton sheets. For Christmas, there’s underwear (you’d be surprised at how much it can cost!) And for a baby shower, though you might think a fancy bassinet with all the bells and whistles is the way to go, trust me—you’re gonna need those diapers!

We all want to give the perfect gift—especially when it’s for an occasion that only comes every so often. But do you want to give the gift that’ll turn up at a yard sale years later or the one that’ll give new parents one less thing to worry about?

Believe me—there’s only one right answer.

And hey—why not save some money while doing so and use a Pampers coupon to make it worth your while? You never know—maybe you’ll even grab two!

Enjoy yourselves out there in Parentland, and until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: The Palmer fam’s used Pampers since day one, and we only partner with brands we truly love. I was compensated for this post, but as always, the opinions stated are my own.


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