Pampers Helps Plan the Perfect Baby Shower!

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Won’t lie—if I didn’t have Sarah making sure our wedding and baby registries were on point, our kids would be walking around naked, and our dining room flatware wouldn’t be nearly as nice. Stereotypes be damned—I’m not that good a planner, and you need to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s whether you’re throwing the shower… or you’re the one in the spotlight!

Planning the Perfect Baby Shower with Pampers!—Our First Baby Shower—Gifts
As you can see, we didn’t get much in the way of diapers at our first baby shower.

Figuring out the gifts you’ll need at a shower’s a lot like planning your career path when you’re still in high school—you only know so much, and you’ll wish you did things differently years down the road. Let’s take a look at Moms—when asked, 90% of Moms wished they’d included more diapers in their registry. 40% of Moms wished they’d asked for diapers of different sizes—babies grow, after all!

Just like with pretty much every parent in the history of the trade, these are but examples of things you learn as you go, and no matter how much your peers and parents tell you otherwise, there’re some things you’ll need to learn for yourself.

Planning the Perfect Baby Shower with Pampers!—Our Second Baby Shower—Gifts

Like that you’ll probably use less than half the stuff you get at your shower. Or that there’re buy ‘n’ sell groups who’ll likely have almost anything you’re looking for. Or the simple fact that you’ll without fail underestimate how many diapers you’re going to go through!

And that’s where people like me come in, not only as a Dad but also as a Dad Blogger. On the one hand, I can offer advice because I’ve been there. On the other, I can offer one lucky Canadian a $300 Pampers Prize Pack including Pampers diapers appropriately-sized for your little one and a substantial Amazon gift card—’cause let’s face it: kids are expensive!

As usual, it only takes a click and a valid email address to enter, but your chances increase exponentially if you explore the optional entries. Many will enter, one will win, and with any luck, it could be you! Bonne chance! (Contest open to Canadians aged 18+ living outside of Quebec. Contest closes 4/20 @ 11:59 PM ET.)

A $300 Pampers Prize Pack

The Gift of Pampers—The Baby Shower Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Planning the Perfect Baby Shower with Pampers!—Our First Baby Shower—BannerWhile you’ll never find me filling diapers with chocolate for a shower game, I can appreciate that we all want to celebrate these major milestones in our lives. But I’ve definitely grown from the guy who’s going to get you something fun for your next phase to the one who’ll get you what you actually need.

Even if you don’t know it yet.

For wedding showers, there’re Egyptian cotton sheets. For Christmas, there’s underwear (you’d be surprised at how much it can cost!) And for a baby shower, though you might think a fancy bassinet with all the bells and whistles is the way to go, trust me—you’re gonna need those diapers!

We all want to give the perfect gift—especially when it’s for an occasion that only comes every so often. But do you want to give the gift that’ll turn up at a yard sale years later or the one that’ll give new parents one less thing to worry about?

Believe me—there’s only one right answer.

Planning the Perfect Baby Shower with Pampers!—Our Second Baby Shower—Wrapped GiftsAnd hey—why not save some money while doing so and use a Pampers coupon to make it worth your while? You never know—maybe you’ll even grab two!

Enjoy yourselves out there in Parentland, and until the next, I remain,

–case p.

Disclaimer: The Palmer fam’s used Pampers since day one, and we only partner with brands we truly love. I was compensated for this post, but as always, the opinions stated are my own.

By Casey E. Palmer

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I knit so usually I give a baby blanket, sweater set and often a gift card to Walmart so the parents can use it towards whatever else they need for baby, including diapers!

For a baby shower gift, I check to see the items on the Mom’s to be Registry list and choose an item off of it that they need. I also like to add a couple of packs of Pamper diapers to the gift, you can never have enough of them.

Receiving blankets and diapers are always sure-fire hits at a baby shower! Thanks so much for the chance to win. If I win I will be gifting the prize to a recent refugee that came to Manitoba, she just had her first baby girl this morning!

I would give a diaper genie with diaper genie refills! Mine definitely came in handy and thankful for it. Worked wonders and beats going up and down the stairs all the time to throw it away

I’d gift a diaper genie, swaddle blankets, baby socks and my favourite stain remover. Depending on my budget I like to add in a gift card for diapers when I can too!!

I would give a stroller, a very thoughtful gift! I also always give clothes too.. shopping for baby clothes is so much fun!

Just gave a baby shower for daughter & she received a ton of lovely gifts.

I love giving a Babies R Us gift card, this way the mom can choose something of her liking for the wee little one but also diapers, wipes, baby lotion, baby shampoo and some face clothes.

Love baby shower, they are SO SO much fun and if the little wee one has arrived then we get to finally meet them.

Thanks for the fantastic giveaway…..I know this would be an awesome win for my daughter & her little one.

I think a wipes warmer would make a great gift to go along with a healthy supply of wipes

After having 2 little guys of my own one can never have enough diapers! The next baby shower I go to I’ll be bring a 6 month supply. It’s not sentimental, it’s not personal but it is practical and that’s always on everybody’s registry! Thanks so much CaseP! You and Pampers ROCK! Good luck all!

I like to give baby medicine, because those vaccine shots come up quick and you can easily forget meds as a new mom, and either a grocery gift card or even a potty. I loved that I was given two potties for when my twins were born because I received SO much baby stuff, but very little for when they were older.

I try to find out what they do not have and give that or go in with a few people on a bigger gift.

I learned from my sisters who had baby’s before me to get Tylenol,Advil, vapour rub, nice wash clothes, soother holders so they don’t get lost ( cute ones). I have lost so many so I would so include that. I remember with my two small boys I needed that kind of stuff.

Diapers if course, wipes, cute oneies and some cash 🙂
Thanks for this opportunity to win:)

I like to give a giftcard from Babies R Us- to purchase an item that they did not get at the baby shower.

I would give someone something from their baby registry because that is something that want. If they don’t have one I would get them a portable change station/diaper wipe and diaper holder.

I put together a complete diaper bag. all ready packed for the trrip home from the hospital

I love to give onesies, swaddle blankets, board books and of course diapers. I also love to give a Silver Dollar with the year of their birth.

I would give a huge basket filled with lots of different things such as diapers, onesies/outfits, blankets, wipes, books/etc and a gift card.

I found a company many years ago that sells a tooth saver. It is sterling silver beautiful keeper to put your child’s baby teeth in. It even includes a record keeper to note the date lost, comments, etc. I have given this gift several times and it is always well received and very unique. Thanks for the totally awesome giveaway opportunity.

I will knit something and then a gift card to their favourite store and then they can buy what they want.

I usually give one fun gift like a cute baby outfit and one practical one like diapers or blankets and one small gift for the mom like nail polish or bubble bath.

I had found a great company that you could grow a tree. It was a great idea for the socially conscious parents and something tangible they will always have.

I would give the gift of clothing in a size or two bigger than than the baby is. Also practical items like diapers and wipes. You can never have enough of them!

I usually paint something for the baby’s room and make extra large swaddling blankets.

I usually give a gift card to Shopper’s Drug Mart because they have a pretty good selection of baby items plus you get points when you shop there.

One of my favourite gifts to get was the useful stuff. Clothes are nice, but they outgrow them so fast. For me, I loved getting diapers and wipes and baby toiletries/diaper creams etc. So that is what I would buy a new mom or mom-to-be. Not newborn diapers, but size 1 and 2, for baby to grow into.

I’m just creating my own registry and know how expensive everything baby related is! Perhaps, ointments for the baby and the mother that is often an afterthought.

THE Last baby shower specifically asked for books to be given instead of a card and to put your note in the book…to baby so and so on from who you were and how you knew the mom….such a wonderful idea..If i win this is actually going to this new mom, not to me

If I could give anything at a baby shower, it would be a gift certificate for homemade meals for the new parents and a cleaning service (both for three whole months – whoo hoo!

I am one for always being honest with new parents and asking them what they truly need… In the past I have gifted a Medela Breast Pump, a collection of clothing and safety items, books and toys and even straight money and gift cards.

I’d ask or find out what the mom needs or has not yet received and can use…. also a gift card to buy when baby needs something for later when it outgrows clothing or sleepers.

One time we gave a gift certificate to a spa for the newborns parents. It also had a handmade certificate for free all day baby sitting. It could be used for the day chosen to go to the spa.
We would do this again.

I think a lovely baby shower gift is a soothing sounds & lights projector to lull baby to sleep.

I like to give soaps, creams and other items that can be used regularly/daily.. gift that keeps on giving

I would give them a gift card for pharmacies or toy stores or anywhere they can get baby items.

I would probably give a gift card along with some diapers. That way they can get what they need without duplicates, or too many clothes!

I usually buy some baby outfits a few sizes too big, because I know that all of a sudden a baby will not fit into any of its current clothes.

I give a basket full of baby essentials like diapers, onesies, bibs, blankets, and a Babies R Us Gift Card.

I like giving gift baskets, I’m formulating one for my sister now. So far it has diapers, sippy cups and spoons i won a bunch of months ago (luckily pink!). I bought some soothers, one of the travel packs of creams and washes etc.. and its always fun to add an outfit and a bear or something for looks, but moms i think appreciate the necessities they run out of most.

For a baby shower, I try to give both fun and practical. I always include a box of diapers, along with wipes and a change pad It will usually include a gift card so that they can put it towards a larger item they would like

I usually give diapers and onesies of various sizes (3mths, 6 mths, 9 mths) so they have a start-up clothes for their growing baby throughout the year.

I like to give a little outfit at a baby shower – as in Newborn size. When I was pregnant I bought nothing in newborn size because I assumed I was going to have big babies (and I was right – one was 8lbs6oz and one was 10lbs2oz). However, it turned out that even the 0-3 months clothes were still too big in the first few days and I was so glad that I had the one Newborn size outfit that a friend had bought me. From then on I now like to gift one outfit in that size, since I know most people skip that size thinking they won’t need it – it’s nice to have just one as an option, just in case! I also like to include a pack of diapers, but in size 2, because then when baby suddenly grows out of the starter sizes the parents have some bigger ones on hand. I also learned this from a different friend who bought us a bigger sized pack – we were so thankful we had them when suddenly we needed them!

a week of homemade dinners and a gc for a night out later on so mom/dad can get a well needed break.

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