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Not many bloggers I know personally have kids as young as mine. It seems almost alien to have kids by 30 these days, something I see reflected in my peers and the opportunities coming my way. So when things do come in with a 3-year old and 1-year old in mind, I feel it gives a fairly unique opportunity to show things from the perspective of our young family—and that’s precisely the case with PLAYMOBIL!

Fun's a Sure Bet with PLAYMOBIL Take Along Sets!—PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 My Take Along Farm—In Action

Let me tell you—it pays to be a blogger’s kid!

Woe be unto you in Casa de Palmer if you come to the door and my eldest doesn’t know you—in his mind, couriers are the only other people to ring our doorbell, so you’d best not come empty-handed!

I do sometimes worry whether I’m spoiling these little guys, though. I didn’t think much of it at first, but recent events have sent me down other paths. Like when other Moms come over for playdates and mention how many toys we have. Or when the eldest puts two and two together, asking whether people “give me a lot of stuff.” Which in turn means that I need to do more with less, and make sure that the toys they do have are great ones.

Fun's a Sure Bet with PLAYMOBIL Take Along Sets!—PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 My Take Along Farm—Packaging

That in mind, PLAYMOBIL sent along one of their PLAYMOBIL Take Along Sets for the boys, letting them discover the bits and pieces found within the PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Take Along Farm (MSRP $47.99)!

It’s great for their ages—it’s bright, it’s colourful, the pieces are large and rounded… they’re city boys getting familiar with what it takes to run a farm, and loving every moment of it!

And when they’re done? All they have to do is pack the pieces inside, fold up the floor, and grab the carrying handle to take their portable farm wherever they want to go!

They even have a set for the older kids—the PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fairy Unicorn Garden (MSRP $32.99) for children aged 4+ whose imaginations are a tad more… developed. You can find either set at most major retail stores and independent toy retailers.

Fun's a Sure Bet with PLAYMOBIL Take Along Sets!—PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 My Take Along Farm—Contents

The PLAYMOBIL Take Along Set: Fun Enough for Kids, Tidy Enough for the Parents Who Clean Up After Them!

Fun's a Sure Bet with PLAYMOBIL Take Along Sets!—PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fairy Unicorn Garden—In Action

You never truly know whether you’ve succeeded at parenting ’til your kids grow up and you can see the people they’ve become. And that means doing many things you might not like even though you know they’re necessary. Dragging them to the washroom. Forcing them to get to bed. Making sure they eat their greens. We focus so hard on raising the humans we want them to be that we forget to enjoy the ones we have today.

Good thing PLAYMOBIL’s Take Along Sets let you do exactly that.

Bonne chance, tout le monde, and I’ll see you at the next post!

Until then,

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Disclaimer: PLAYMOBIL sent the Palmer Family a PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 My Take Along Farm for review, but as always, opinions remain our own!

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My little guys love TMNT, hockey and lego but I loved my barbies, cabbage patch kids and my little pony’s. Thanks so much CaseP!

My favourite toy was a rubber ball and a nylon stocking. we spent hours singing and playing against the school wall

My favourite toy was either my doll or the Little People sets we had. The old one. We played inside, outside, everywhere.

My favorite toy when I was my daughters age was the Fisher Price Activity Center and the Fisher Price phone

My favourite toys were lincoln logs, tinkertoys, lego, and hot wheels. Yup, I wasn’t your typical girl (never liked dolls)!

well I think the first toy I got when I was about 5 or 6, it was a toy stuffed monkey, we didn’t get a lot of toys growing up, but this was 50+ yrs ago

My favorite toy was a Dawn doll , like a Barbie but tinnier and had clothes made by Mary Quant , the Queen’s Designer.

OOPSY , I put a comment on form instead of my name!

My favourite toys were Lego Block we didn’t have Playmobile back then. My granddaughters sure loves their building blocks, Would love to give them their first Playmobile set. OOPSY , I put a comment

Bayco was my favourite – a building toy that I spent absolutely hours playing with.

I’ll have to say my Lite Brite – I could sit in the dark and play with that thing for hours!

Mine was a silly stuffed mouse wearing a plaid vest and hat that I named Chicky Chucky Checkers, lol.

I had a toy phone which actually worked within our apartment. It had 2 units (shaped like a cartoon animal) with dials. But the amount of batteries it needed… let’s just say I didn’t have it for long 🙁

I had a Crissy doll. When you pushed on it’s belly button a portion of the hair became much longer

back in the day, the big thing for girls was barbie dolls…there were’nt that many back then….prob just the beach one and we always played PLUS my best friends name was Barbie Anne

My sister and I had a set of block and some people and animals figures that we played with for years. Very happy memories!

My sister and I had a set of blocks, some animals and a few people that we played with for many years. They are very warm memories.

My favorite indoor toy as a kid was a certain plastic building brick that was invited in a certain European country.

Lego was my favourite toy back in the day 🙂 Even my kids played with Lego and I still have all of it.

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