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Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 08:29 am

Working on this week’s episode—where I interview Christine Tremoulet, a story strategist—made me realise how much my storytelling’s changed of late.

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll be all too familiar with the ongoing struggle I’ve had with the never-ending piles of ideas I have on paper. And I wasn’t winning—a glance at the stacks on my dining room table would tell you that—but all the hustle at least felt like progress. I mean, I got a couple of solid blog posts out each week, and with the tweets, tons of Facebook discussion and the odd Insta post, why should I think any different?

But then you have the 220 draft posts on my site. Another 300 or so sheets of paper with all my ideas. And who could forget, of course, the 200-item to-do list that never stopped haunting me? It became quickly evident that while I thought I was conquering my demons, at the rate I was going, my kids would have kids of their own before I got it all done.

Something had to give, and with the podcast, I think I finally found it.

Going Where the Story Takes Me.

Christine would agree that you can find a story in anything, but it’s making it compelling that makes all the difference.

It became clear that after decades spent writing tens of thousands of pieces of content—the tweets, the blog posts and articles for everyone under the sun—I was a little tired of putting my pen to paper.

But I couldn’t quit. You don’t give up on the medium that’s let you express in the most authentic way possible, but it doesn’t need to be my everything. The story’s in how we package it, and that realisation finally let me start this podcast.

But back to the point at hand.

LISTEN NOW: Chatting with Casey Episode 16 with Story Strategist Christine Tremoulet!

Christine was one of the friends who answered the call when I needed to get guests for my podcast on pretty short notice!

She’s a story strategist who helps companies understand how to use today’s tools and technologies to tell their stories in the most impactful way possible. She has a podcast, she’s written a book, and she made a little time to chat with me from the sunny state of California!

Check out Chatting with Casey Episode 16 below!

Have yourselves a solid one, and until the next, I remain,

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