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Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 08:20 am

Work at something hard enough, and you eventually hit a point where everything starts to click.

I’ve been grinding away especially hard at the blog, the job, and everything in between of late, trying to make sense of everything and cut down on the clutter that’s always in the way. And after working my way through requisitioning a purchase order at work and finally getting a few elusive posts within mere sentences of completion, it all finally came together. What I should be doing.

And it’ll take so much writing to get there!

So the plan is this—we’re gonna keep creating ’til the wheels come off. Sarah has this dream—that one day I’ll be able to exist without my mind always thinking about what I’ll next use to fill my content calendar.

And you know what? It’s entirely possible… I just need to get ahead. Schedule content ahead so I can step away for weeks at a time without worry. Get back to seeing the people I haven’t managed to connect with in ages.

Short-term pain. Long-term gain. We can make it happen!

Chatting with Casey Episode 3—Give Me Some Room to Fail

Somewhat on the same page, the third Chatting with Casey episode is titled after an idea from a keynote I gave at the Parenting 101 conference called “The Dad Within”. It’s me asking for permission to learn and not be perfect so I can find my answers my way. It was a keynote covering my fatherhood journey, what I’ve learned from my Dad and some of the things that helped others get a slightly better idea of what happens in the struggle as a Dad.

Take the time to check it out and maybe even share it with a fellow Dad who needs to know that someone understands them!

But yes—thanks for rocking with me ’til now! Just as I got a lot more respect for top-tier bloggers when I started seriously writing back in 2011, Chatting with Casey‘s giving me plenty of insight into what it takes to do well at podcasting!

I hope you’ll join me again next week when we continue looking at my Kelowna keynotes with “It’s Hard Out Here for a Dad“!

’til then,

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