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Ricky Shetty | Why Travelling is so IMPORTANT.

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We Are the Sum of Our Experiences

It’s no secret that I’m busy. If I didn’t have Sarah and the kids to keep me grounded, I’d likely spend every waking moment thinking about content, always trying to find the best ways to tell the next story. But with all this thinking going on, people often wonder how I find time for it all. Where did I pick my skills up? How do I find guests for my podcast? How do I keep from falling apart?

The answer, my friends, is through Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups are where I find my people. They’re where I learn. Many of the contacts I have and much of what I know today is because someone in the many groups I belong to pointed me in the right direction. And it’s through a group for podcasters who’re also Dads that I learned about Ricky Shetty’s new book.

Ricky Shetty—Author, World Traveller and One of Canada’s Original Dad Bloggers

Ricky and I have known each other at least peripherally for some years now—since branding himself as Canada’s premiere Daddy Blogger at the turn of the decade, it was tough to not enter the arena myself without knowing who he was. But it wasn’t until last year where we’d finally cross paths for his Digital Nomad Mastery channel to discuss Dad Blogging and everything that comes with it! (I’ll link it in the show notes, but I hope you’re ready for some crappy pre-Casey knowing what he’s doing headphone built-in microphone audio!) So we’d connected, but we didn’t speak a whole lot after that, because after all, Ricky’s travelling the world.

And that, my friends, is perhaps the most essential part of this entire story—Ricky, with his lovely wife Anne and their three young children, is aiming to become the first family to have visited every. Single. Country.

On the Path to Become the First Family to Visit Every Country in the World

Let that sink in for a moment. I know Americans who don’t even have passports much less dream of travelling anywhere outside of their 48 mainland states. And though Torontonians are huge on travel, many are all too satisfied with all-inclusive resorts in Cuba or the Dominican Republic or quick jaunts over to the States.

But I’m #TeamRicky on this one! While I haven’t travelled nearly as many places as he has, there’s still plenty of travelling under my belt. I can proudly say I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2012. I did some backpacking in Western Europe in 2005. I was in rural Mexico for a soccer tournament in 2017! Going off the beaten path has inspired me to look at the world a little differently and seek to make my children citizens of the world, too, culminating in a trip back to Kili in a couple of decades when they’re old enough to climb it with me.

Ricky sent me a bunch of reading material to check out before this podcast, but his latest series is Exploring the Continents: A Family’s Journey to Visit Every Country in the World, with the first volume focusing on South America and the second on North America!

Let’s see what Ricky has to say.


Chatting with Casey 0008—We Are the Sum Of Our Experiences

May all your travels take you exactly where you’re supposed to go,

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