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Last updated on April 24th, 2021 at 02:10 am

Chatting with Casey. The podcast that’s all about family, food, fashion and faith. And travel. And tech. And chatting with passionate people about the things that get them going every day.

I started the podcast after realising I couldn’t tell all the stories I wanted to share with the written word alone—I needed to put more life into them. Since video was still something I hadn’t really figured out, I pursued podcasting instead.

And much like the blog, the podcast started without any particular direction in mind—I just knew that I wanted to tell stories, and breaking bread with others with a few microphones between us felt like a good way to do it.

But I underestimated how difficult it is to run a podcast. Some episodes soon felt like work instead of the joy I usually got from the blog.

So after twenty-six episodes, I called the first season a wrap, hoping to take a little time before giving it a go for several episodes more in the season ahead.

But it turns out the time I needed would be years and not months, giving me the time to grow and understand why I wanted to do it.

Apparently, I wanted to do more than help other people share their stories. I wanted compelling conversations about topics I was passionate about, too, and started work on a vastly improved approach for Chatting with Casey, season two.

Chatting with Casey: Episode List

And so here we are in 2021 with more episodes on the way and a renewed sense of vigour right along with them. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the episodes I put out before, and that they’ll get you well ready for the content yet to come!

Season One

Nelson Caetano | Playing with People’s Attention

In Chatting with Casey #17, I chat with Nelson Caetano about his anthology project The Gathering Place and what it means for Toronto!

Christine Tremoulet | Flour, Fables and Fleeing North

Chatting with Christine Tremoulet about flour, travel and what we can do with a solid story! It's Chatting with Casey, Episode 16!

Rick Campanelli | I’m Where I Need to be Right Now

It's Chatting with Casey 15, ending my chat with Errol Elumir and starting a new one with Rick Campanelli! Two great Dads, two great stories!

Errol Elumir | Just Give Me the Puzzles!

In perhaps the FUNNIEST episode of Chatting with Casey yet, I chat with Errol Elumir, escape room enthusiast and Dad for some nerdy fun!

Carlos Diaz & Rob Tinkler | It Takes Two to Tango

In Chatting with Casey 13, I chat wth Carlos Diaz and Rob Tinkler about fatherhood, friendship, and "8 Tiny Reindeer"!

Richard Badra | What Craft Chocolate’s All About!

Chatting with Casey #12's with Richard Badra of Rebel Chocolates! Fatherhood, the future and the craft chocolate craze all in one!

Rhiannon Langford | Don’t be Afraid of the Doula!

Chatting with Casey with Rhiannon Langford of Birth Boss Maternity Care on life as a doula and how they work WITH Dads, not REPLACE them.

Kendra Côte | Ain’t No Parents Got Time for That!

What would it be like living with your family of six in a 270-square foot school bus AND homeschool your children? Kendra Cote knows!

Jennifer Tammy | Life and Times of the Single Mom

In Chatting with Casey #9, we chat with Jennifer Tammy of Sugar, Spice and Glitter about the life of a single Mom and how DIFFERENT it is!

Ricky Shetty | Why Travelling is so IMPORTANT.

Chatting with Casey episode 8 has Ricky Shetty, one of Canada's original Dad Bloggers and whose family will visit every country in the world!

Drekken Pownz | SEE Each Other.

In Chatting with Casey #7, Drekken Pownz speaks on why there are more gay people than stats say and what it's like having to hide who you are.

Drekken Pownz & Jemmie Robles | Be Fabulous

It's Chatting with Casey episode 6—unique co-parenting with Jemmie Robles, and growing up Black and gay in the GTA with Drekken Pownz!

Parenting 101 | It’s Hard Out Here for a Dad

Chatting with Casey #4 is for a world that doesn't get its fathers. Let's set the record straight and give Dads the chance they DESERVE.

Parenting 101 | Give Me Some Room to Fail

"Give me some room to fail"—me at Parenting 101: six words that allow a Dad the room to grow! Chatting with Casey #3!

Tracy Molyneaux | No Terrible People Allowed!

Chatting with Casey 2 with Tracy Molyneaux, who runs Little Bird Jewellery, is a makeup artist and is a VERY BUSY smalltown Nova Scotia girl!

Casey Palmer | Am I Black Enough?

It took six years and a HEAVY conversation to make it happen, but here's my podcast, Chatting with Casey, starting with "Am I Black Enough?"
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