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In case you didn’t know, March 8th is International Women’s Day, “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.” It’s occurred for well over a century, belonging to all groups everywhere for the sake of accelerating women’s equality.

As a blogger, I never really celebrated the day in the past, figuring I’d leave it to the many women in an industry that’s a woman’s world. But I realised it was short-sighted of me, since the fight for women’s equality need not be one fought by women alone, and so I got to thinking about what I might put together that’d do the meaning behind the day justice.

And that’s what got me thinking about my journey as a blogger.

International Women’s Day | Because We Should ALL Support Equality

International Women’s Day 2020 | Twenty Women—Me and a Number of Friends at the 2017 BConnected Conference
It’s a woman’s world in blogging, and I’m happy to live in it ?

Like I said—there are a lot of women in this industry. And for a good reason, too!

As an example, Moms are way better at establishing communities than Dads are, taking the time to talk with each other and build relationships. That difference in communication skill is the driver behind blogging, and likely a huge reason why there are at least a hundred mom bloggers for every dad blogger in Canada, a country that has six Moms for every five dads. And as a man working in an industry like that, there’ve been a lot more women who’ve helped me build this brand than men, and what better day to appreciate that than International Women’s Day?

But just writing about these women didn’t feel like it’d show my appreciation as much as I wanted it to—I needed something more that’d drive the point home.

And that’s when I thought back to the skills I’d decided to polish in 2020 and landed on one—drawing.

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