Prelude to a LONG weekend

Man! Anyone looking to hire an SEO expert part-time? ‘Cause I’m starting to get there! Thanks to people helping me out over the last few days, I’ve learned about:

Among other things—it’s going to be easier to customize my blog (and future sites) to meet the needs and demands of my audience with all the tools I’ll have at my disposal! (Cue psychotic evil laughter.)

I’m hoping you’ll see them soon, but I feel that my other websites are coming together pretty well. I tend to make a lot of notes in notebooks, Google Docs, text files, etc., so now I’m just getting them all together to make sure that I’m not missing anything—content is king, right?

End of the month is creeping up on us faster than I’d like! I’m really really hoping to get more work time in this weekend, but it seems to slowly be slipping out of my fingers as more things pop up. I wouldn’t do so well as a hermit—I can tell.

Post-work update:

Soooo, I’ve just taken a bunch of work home for the weekend, which gives me an extra challenge—doing that work on top of the work I already planned to do for the 2010 20K. Hm. Looks to me like I’ll be a shut-in for the most part. Hoping to hear some good news on a few different projects this weekend (commissioners, you know who you are!), so hopefully you’ll see some new stuff coming in the next while!

Threw some ideas out at my friends tonight while at the Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre (I totally guessed whodunnit), and people seem to be keen on what’s coming next. That’s always encouraging 😊

Right, time to pack it in—all the stuff I have piled up to do won’t do itself. Unless, yanno, I win the lottery and hire s