Prioritizing’s a Pain, Part 4: Getting Things Done

Looks like playtime is over — it’s time to get these priorities sorted out and dealt with! The last few days have seen me identify, plan and prioritize the things that are most critical to get done in order to maintain my sanity. In order to give a quick recap, I used the CARVER prioritization method to quickly identify a set of tasks that needed to get done quickly so that I could make my life a little less stressful:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • TOPS Photos
  • Performance Plan
  • Wedding Website
  • Financial Website

So now that I have a better idea of what NEEDS to be done, let me tell you what actually GOT done by the time I went to bed last night!


This is so close to being dealt with that I can’t believe I’m still procrastinating on it! Sarah gave me some thoughts on the design, so I guess what I need to do is:

  • finish positioning the text
  • print out a test copy to make sure that everything’s positioned correctly
  • get the card stock and get it all to the printer to make us some serious invitations — altogether, constructing the invitations will be a project unto itself, but I can’t really go anywhere until the design is final!


Sorted through the photos and got it sent out to the requestor! Done and done! There were some decent shots in there if I do say so myself!


There’s nothing like an email from your boss with your name written in uppercase letters to inspire you to get something done! As of early Wednesday morning, I retrieved and updated my performance plan, earning myself another checkmark on the to-do list!


Asked a fellow ex-intern for her recommendation for a wedding website, since she once told me that she had a really good experience with a certain site. And that’s how I found myself staring at the eWedding site. Next step: transferring the info I had on the old free site I was using to something a little more robust.


This is important to get started, but really it’s a preliminary site for an event that’s a couple of years away — so I think I have some SLIGHT flexibility. Not a lot, but the timelines aren’t as tight as the other four tasks! (Worry not, sir — I know you read the blog. I’m only delaying this until the weekend or so to really hammer at it!)

So, with a little bit of prioritization, I’ve managed to get the list down to:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Website
  • Financial Website

in a day! Not so bad at all! I look forward to completing the rest, and tonight provides another of those rare breaks in my schedule, so I look to get the finishing touches put on them then. I will say that despite my loathing for prioritization and forcing myself to create a rhythm to get tasks done, it definitely has its uses. With that, I’m off to focus on wrapping some things up and getting some much-valued sleep! Have a great one, one and all!

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