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I have entirely too much stuff.

In my lifetime, I’ve likely lost more than some will gain, carrying too much on my person to notice when something goes missing.

As a teenager, I lost the same wallet 8 times (somehow getting it back each time); the first time I went to Chicago, I’d misplaced my passport, camera and wallet over a 4-day trip… honestly, you’d think Where’s Waldo was my autobiography.

Which is exactly why it’s all gotta go.

There’s a War Going on Outside Nobody’s Safe From…

The war on clutter is real.

For years now, I’ve tried to get a handle on everything around me—all the stuff littering my desk and stuffing my bag, distracting me from doing all I need to advance with my ideas. In our society driven by consumerism, it’s all too easy to amass things we never use, thinking we’ll eventually find reason to justify those purchases we made.

So how do we combat this wealth of stuff, obscuring our sights from the things we really want to accomplish? What do we need to do to regain control of our lives, feeling our homes are places of peace and serenity—not endless to-do lists we can never seem to surpass?

What we need are tools that’ll improve our lives, showing us better ways of doing things we might not have dreamt up ourselves.

In my case, Inateck’s MP1503 case for the 15″ Retina MacBook Pro was a step in the right direction!

Protecting Your Tech… and Your SANITY… with Inateck!

Hailing from Germany, the land of bratwurst, Oktoberfest, and delicious Haribo gummies, Inateck provides all sorts of accessories and upgrades, like power supplies, hard drives and cables.

While my iPad’s wireless keyboard could use refreshing after losing some of its keys, and a way to downsize from my outdated hard drive enclosure would be entirely welcome, these aren’t things I carry with me every day!

But what I do might shock you!

If there’s anything I’m obsessed with, it’s making sure I’m not forgetting anything when I head out the door every morning. I might take it a little far, though—with only so many hours in the workday, how am I supposed to work, eat, blog, shoot, draw, and whatever else my heart aspires for endlessly? Yet look at what I manage to lug around all the time:

Protect Ya Tech with Inateck—What's in my bag?!
I call this “What’s in my bag?” or “Please don’t rob me.”

Even before Inateck came along, I knew something had to give — this was no way to live, with a bag full of odds and ends, never quite lightening because I’ve got my fingers stuck in far too many pies.

What the Inateck MP1503 does is take some of that mess and get it organized, giving me more space for the stuff that really matters.

With a felt exterior and flannel interior, the MP1503’s designed to keep your Mac from getting a scratch as you carry it on your travels. That lining’s mould-proof, wear-resistant, shock-absorbent and soft. An extra compartment carries my iPad 2, and an elastic band brings it all together to keep it compact!

In other words, it’s just what I needed without even realizing it.

We’ve Won the Battle… but We Still Fight the War!

Though we carry too much stuff, there’re things we actually use, and those are the things we need to take care of. It’s all too easy for accidents to happen, leaving us thinking “if only I’d done this,” or “I wish I’d known about that.”

It’s time to do yourself a favour and invest in protection for the things you get with your hard-earned cash. With the Inateck MP1503 in my arsenal, that’s what I’m doing—how about you?

May you always make great decisions and protect your tech,

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RE: OMG, to make it more durable. Wow, prize protect-ya-tech-inateck is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me

I want to protect my tech because I have spent a lot of money on my tech gear. This would be a great present for my husband.

awesome giveaway… to my phone, my laptop is a very important personal item to me. thanks.

I want to protect my TECH with Inateck because I don’t want to pull out my device to find a cracked screen.

I like it because its stylish and it looks like it would actually be successful at protecting my stuff!!

Electronics are big investments, used and carried around quite a bit. It is important to have something to protect them with. I would love to have an inateck to protect mine.

We put a lot of money into our devices so i want to keep it looking just as good as i got in on the first day.

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