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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 10:22 pm

We’ve come a long way from when I bought my first cell phone in early ’02, keeping a close eye on how many texts I sent and chastising friends who’d call in the daytime unless it was an emergency. Everything’s gotten so much more complex since then! Smartphones are as ubiquitous as our wallets, many of us unable to function without them by our sides. We’re connected in ways we couldn’t even imagine a decade ago, popping things on Facebook or Instagram to help tell our story. But somewhere in the mix, we forgot about a lingering question underlying it all, one governing just how good we actually have it at the end of the day —

do we have the right PHONE PLANS?

I figure we have two types of people when it comes to tech—the Trusters and the Tinkerers, needing very different things from the device-rich environment around us in 2015.

The Trusters are happy to accept things as they are, as long as they work. They want new devices set up in as few steps as possible, often only needing to know a device’s basic functions so they can send emails, take pictures and everything else that’s part of urban life in 2015. And they’re far more likely to accept fees from their telecom provider without questioning whether they should be paying them.

But the Tinkerers—they’re an entirely different beast altogether!

You’ll never find a Tinkerer happy until they completely understand whatever it is you’ve placed before them. They customize their devices until they’re just right, looking to get the maximum value from whatever’s in their hands. They’re constantly tweaking everything about their lives, looking for the right life hacks to make everything click. And woe be unto the telecom company that tries to pull wool over their eyes—they know how much data they use. They know your package offerings. They’ll come to the table armed with information, and you’d better have a great solution if you want to win them over!

We all know that smartphone bills are mighty high, but we need to pay them—it’s only getting less feasible to lead a smartphone-free life as they work their way into every possible part of our days, making themselves indispensable.

So the question’s really this—how do you find a Tinkerer’s perfect smartphone deal that’s simple and worry-free enough for a Truster?

Easy—you go to Public Mobile.

Public Mobile wants to change the way we think about wireless services.

Public Mobile provides a SIM-only prepaid brand (i.e. you’d need to bring your own device to join the party) that relies more on keeping its customers happy than locking them into contracts that’d offset the massive overhead costs faced by the more traditional telecom models.

Behind this is an immense amount of control and flexibility over the services you get, meaning you’re only paying for things you’ll actually use, not extra bells and whistles bundled in with extra costs that creep in right behind them.

It’s a system that could entirely change the way we consume wireless in an age that’s completely dependent on it!

But perhaps you’re sceptical. Perhaps you’re worried that because it’s a little different, Public Mobile couldn’t possibly last, and we’ll return to lives of paying an arm and three legs for wireless services before we know it.

To this, I’d ask you—why would customers go anywhere else when their telecom provider actually listens to them?

One last thing that Public Mobile prides itself on is being a community-based platform—through online forums where customers can provide feedback, make referrals and give online support to fellow Public Mobile customers, it’s a brand relying on customers wanting to be involved in order to make things work. It’s all online—no stores, no call centres, the information you need is all at your fingertips from people like you looking for the best possible advice! And knowing how hard it is to get something for nothing, Public Mobile even rewards its customers for their efforts with the opportunity for significant savings on their service costs!

If any of this sounds like you’d be interested in—and I really can’t see why it wouldn’t—you should make your way over to the Public Mobile site and see how easy it is to craft a plan that meets your needs!

Until the next,

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Disclaimer: While compensated for this post, I’m all too aware what it’s like to have exorbitant smartphone bills waiting to be paid month after month. I’m not a Public Mobile customer (yet), but the very idea of an à la carte wireless service really makes me think about how I consume wireless services, contrasted against how I’d like to consume them!

You can learn more about Public Mobile on their site!

And if you want to see more of what I’m up to when I’m not cringing at how much I’m paying for data every month, I ain’t hard to find — I’m over on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts!


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