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Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 10:44 am

#1: An entry for a contest over at DeviantArt—we were told to illustrate the title of a song from a list given—I took “Operate, Annihilate” by Powerman 5000. Basically, it’s a heart surgeon operating on an aorta, and the blood vessels there (having formed a city due to being stuck from built-up fat and cholesterol) are running for their lives as their city is destroyed. The final pencils for this will have a much larger scalpel, as per suggestions from my peers.

Aorta Avenue: Blood cells fleeing while a scalpel cuts into their street

#2—This was going to be one of my entries for that design contest—video game design. Basically, it’s a preteen game of a superhero who gets miniaturized and stuck in a demented toystore. RPG/Superhero game. This is “SuperHood” facing off against the Teddy Ninja Army. I would love to finish this one up.

SuperHood vs. The Teddy Ninja Army: An unfinished sketch for an old DeviantArt contest

#3—This was going to be part of my web design entry—basically the designs for the bottoms of my sidebars. I’ll probably incorporate something like this into the next incarnation of my site. It’ll be tough to do while taking different resolutions into consideration, though.

The sketch that eventually wound up being the cover for my Fish 'n' Chimps: Gorilla Warfare 2006 art book.

#4—And finally, my favourite of today’s batch. Act Two Doomz—WITH ATTITUDE!

A sketch of Doomz giving a little stinkface in Fish 'n' Chimps

Yeah, so I’m calling it a night, folks. Keep those pencils movin’!!!

Later later,

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