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The 2010 20K: Day 29

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Last updated on February 23rd, 2024 at 12:39 pm

Hey all,

A good evening for good reading! After the crazy week I had and a good solid power nap for a couple of hours, I’m pretty much recovered. Still need to get some more rest soon, but alive and kicking.

I’m glad I made it to the weekend in one piece—I have the odd tendency to really get into accomplishing things, and might forgo things like a decent night of rest here and there in the name of getting something done. Trying to find balance is helping me curb that habit, though.

One thing I did do tonight is spend some time with Sarah watching a bit of television. One thing we watched was Shark Tank, the type of show that always interests me since I like to see other business ideas and the moves that make or break them. Especially when people are making that first foray out and trying to get people to get as interested in their ideas as they are 😊

The other thing I watched… well, I guess I did check out a bit of NUMB3RS—what can I say? I’m a big fan of crime dramas. However, the OTHER thing I watched was Marketplace on CBC. Today’s episode was based on the Rich Dad, Poor Dad seminars you see ads for all over the place—I’ve seen a bunch on the TTC as of late while on the way in and out of work recently. The episode was really good to watch—it, again, helps one realize that there’s no easy way to make money in the world, and more so that there are plenty of people out there who’ll gladly take your money to make you believe that there is. It went over the seminars being run under a licensee of Robert Kiyosaki’s company, and how they’re running seminars that are essentially just cash grabs that become more and more expensive as time passes. From $500 the first time to $12-$45,000 the next. YOWZA!

Now, if you read the comments on the episode, it does point to the fact that the episode seems like more of a witch hunt than an unbiased view of Robert Kiyosaki and the successes he HAS generated through the use of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. HOWEVER, from the comments I did read, it seemed that those who were successful using Kiyosaki’s system never attended one of these seminars—they used their own smarts and abilities to take Kiyosaki’s teachings from the books and make themselves weatlhier in the process. I know my brother’s been reading Kiyosaki—may be something I need to do myself.

A quick glance at the clock tells me that I’m cutting it close. So, with that said, I hope you’re all keeping warm on this freezing Friday night (The Weather Network says it feels like -27 C out there!), and thanks for joining me on yet another day of the 2010 20K!

The Math:

  • The 2010 20K Running Total = $88.04

Have a great night and join me tomorrow—I think art will be the name of the game!

Adios amigos,

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