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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 12:38 pm

In fact, depending on how you measure the timeline of Rome’s development, some would argue that it took as long as 870 years! But I’m not here to wax history to you.

Dunno if I’ll get this post up in time, but eh.

So yes, if you want to achieve a goal, you need to give it time. Even the things that appear to have been accomplished overnight are often done as the result of months of prior work and preparation.

I didn’t get much feedback over the first post so I’ve been thinking about what I should do. Now that Sean Ward has espoused to me the benefits of using iMovie on my fantabulous Mac, I’ll be getting some good quality content up. But aside from that, what do I do right now that will make 2011 more productive and better than any year before?

What came to me in conversation last night is that I’ve set a number of goals for myself in 2011. Individually, they’re all likely quite attainable; but as a whole, I’ve likely created quite the project for myself. As the 2K11 24/7 manifests itself, I can already sense that it will take all of my cunning, wit and attention to make sure that it goes well—but as we can see from the shilling I’ve done for my Wolfram|Alpha contest entry, I’ll at least take a shot at a challenge 😊

How do I measure progress, though? Am I just doing a general calculation to measure how awesomely my 2011 is going so far? If so:


  • Karma Points = went the extra mile to return a friend’s cell phone to her that she forgot at an NYE bash; played around with some of the kids at church; helped a church Elder deliver communion to some of the attendees outside of the sanctuary
  • Fun = hung out, fondued and Taboo’d with friends from my banking days

Speaking of which on the latter—hilarity! Two guys vs. three girls—we totally dominated (but to be fair, Mike and I have been friends for a while, and we played against our girlfriends—fiancée in my case—and our friend, so our synergy was WAY better); but some cards worked out really well and others not so much:


Casey: When your girlfriend doesn’t get her way she might…

Mike: Complain, argue, whine…

Casey: YES

(Casey and Mike get hit)

Clue: JUMP

Casey: Kris Kross made a song about this

Mike: Jesus?

Casey: What?!

(eventually used a clue about using your legs to get you in mid-air)

Otherwise, yeah! Still learning, still floating towards some unknown goal without direction—guess I’ll check in with you guys later today 😊

Have a great day!

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