Set Your Sage Skills to Stun for Small Business Month! (Featured Image)

Set Your Sage Skills to Stun for Small Business Month!

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Last updated on February 17th, 2024 at 08:59 pm

What makes me sad is when I see youth who think the world of work is the same as it’s ever been in 2015, relying on a polished résumé and a large corporation to take care of them for the foreseeable future—the same way they did for our parents all those decades ago.

But the world’s changed a heckuva lot since the days of Jheri curls and bell bottoms, far more global than the siloed environments that reigned in the ’80s. Many jobs that existed back then found themselves outsourced or replaced, with computers and cheap international labour far more cost-effective than filling seats with Canadian butts!

There’s a simple reality behind it all—today’s world of work isn’t the one our parents toiled through; we’ll need to think about the very nature of work in entirely new ways if we ever want to get anywhere in 2015! And the sooner we accept that, the sooner we’ll find our way in an ever-shifting environment with new rules coming every day.

Welcome to the New World of Work—I hope you’re ready for it!

Our parents didn’t know how right they were.

Many of us heard we could be anything we wanted when we grew up, given that we followed the right path to success—going to the right schools, getting the right grades, and landing the right jobs to become who we’ve always wanted to be.

But life isn’t so inflexible—there’s no one path to any result, with a myriad of possible options if you’re determined enough to pursue them. We fixate too hard on others’ success and the things they did to make it, thinking we can mimic their experiences to reach the same results, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Today’s world rewards those with innovative thoughts, the ones willing to go against the grain and try something a little unconventional to make their mark on the world, knowing the tools and resources our parents had from their workforce just don’t go as far today as they did before.

And for those brave enough to take the plunge, it’s a good thing that October’s Small Business Month, celebrating entrepreneurs, their companies, and the positive impacts these enterprises have across the country!

As part of the month’s festivities — guess what; I’ve partnered with Sage North America to give away a copy of their Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2016 software, a $250 tool made to help entrepreneurs travel the path to success as easily as possible! The contest ends on October 31st, so make sure you get on this immediately.

Approximately 100,000 new businesses are developed in Canada each year, changing our economy’s landscape as our citizens look for ways to take control of their livelihoods in an era where nothing is promised.

But why make those first steps harder than they need to be?

Entrepreneurs—it’s time to get your hands on Canada’s #1 accounting software1 and create something that’ll make you proud!

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Disclaimer: While compensated for this post, I most definitely use Sage products to keep on top of everything going on with the #BloggerLife, so I was happy to promote product that makes my life easier!

Feel free to check out more of Sage and what they have to offer on their website and their Twitter account!

And of course, if you’re looking for the man behind the words, you can still find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

  1. Based on independent surveys of 279 Canadian small businesses (conducted 2/13) and 407 Canadian accountants who work with small business clients (conducted 9/14). ↩︎


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