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Last updated on January 26th, 2024 at 05:25 pm

A lot of today was spent packing and whatnot—I had a basic idea of what I’d need, so I didn’t dedicate too much time toward the task. Getting here went smoothly enough—got my mom to drive the two minutes to the GO (that’s Government of Ontario Transit, people) station, where I caught the 3:10 GO bus to get to Union Station in downtown Toronto for a 5:15 bus. Arriving an hour early, I got my tickets for the VIA Rail (I’d pre-ordered on the ‘Net—woo hoo!), and wandered around for a bit.

Crashed into my friend MAC (Melissa A. Cabral) from the Sauga on the street—she’s working for Coke, handing out samples of Cherry Coke. Told me to stop by. Whut whut. [MAC is part of a singing group that never really blew up as much as it should have—I need to get her full story later. Back to our story in progress!]

So I arrive in Sarnia at about 8:30 and I get picked up by my friend Heather in her mom’s silver 300M Special. If that means anything to anyone, good. Doesn’t to me. All I know is that there was a sunroof, 5-CD changer, directional device, and lots of little buttons. I like playing with buttons in cars, and I think Heather was the first person who didn’t bother stopping me.

After a quick tour of Sarnia and setting off my bags back at her place, Heather took me to grab some pizza, and we went to this bar called… Stoke’s, I believe? Rock central. That place didn’t sit well with me. So we left and went to the casino, where both girls made about 100% profit and I lost all me money. Poor me.

Then we hit the Lazy Duck—Sarnia’s Thursday night entertainment. This city (population 73,000) has like, no coloured people. It was scary. Oh well. The Lazy Duck was aiight, it’s just that too much smoke in my system makes me kinda ill, so I only danced for a couple hours or so.

All in all, today went pretty well. Heather’s dog Bailey is cool. The fact that she gave me control over her computer and her satellite TV since I’m crashing in the basement is cool. The speed of the internet since the city’s so small is cool. All is well. See y’all tomorrow.

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P.S. version 3.0. This baby’ll be out after I get my copyrights down. It will be SICK, believe me. Peace.


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