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Last updated on May 17th, 2021 at 10:33 pm

I kind of suck at Halloween.

It’s the time of the year where the crazy outfits come out, and dentists make a killing. Sure, I could always go to a store and buy a Batman costume or something, but this is only an indicator of a pattern that haunts me every year:

  1. I have an amazing idea for a Halloween costume. Past examples include Link from the Legend of Zelda series, King Bowser Koopa from the Super Mario Bros. series or a dark Medieval knight clad in some bad-ass armour. I’d win every costume competition and have every head in the room to see how awesome I looked!
  2. I realize that somehow it’s already late September or early October and there’s no way I’ll be able to put an awesome Halloween costume together in time.
  3. Get through Halloween with some mediocre store-bought costume, vowing that I’ll have something way more awesome next year.
  4. Spend the year doing everything but sort out a wicked costume idea.
  5. Repeat from Step 1.

So while this year saw no deviation from my annual ritual (as Justin would say, “Stay free to lofty ambitions”), there is, fortunately, no shortage of Halloween parties that’ll have me anyway.

SauzaSin Will Do Us In

The best of the lot is an invite-only party hosted by everyone’s favourite party planners at PartyPeopleTO! That’s right—the deets are on the down-low, and you’ve gotta get your invite to come party hearty and dress to impress in your Halloween finest!

While I might not have the finest costume to wear to the ball, PartyPeopleTO was cool enough to send me a SauzaSin gift pack to prepare for the madness that’s going to go down—everything I’d need to make my SauzaSin shots (cinnamon sugar and oranges instead of salt and lemons)!

But I’m all about sharing the wealth—so they also gave me another pack to give away, so you too can get your SauzaSin on in the comfort of your own home! (That is, unless your home is uncomfortable, which might make you need even more SauzaSin, to be honest!)

Come Get Your Party on at SauzaSin!

So hopefully you’ll get down with the reason for the season and join us for some bone-chilling fun as we party with some of the coolest kids that Toronto has to offer!

Or… are you too chicken?

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20 replies on “SauzaSin | How to Plan for a Halloween Party”

Funny story — I was backpacking in Barcelona in 2005, and the hostel we were at did a pub crawl one night. At one bar, they had tequila with lizards in the bottom of the bottle. I was told that if I ate a lizard, I’d get free shots all night.

Being a student with limited funds, I thought it sounded like a GREAT deal.

Partied til 6 am. Hit the beach by 8 am. Slept on the beach til 7 pm. There’s sick, and then there’s semi-comatose!!!

Thanks for entering 🙂 Good luck!

Great crossing paths with you again, Colleen 😀 HA! Hey, if you win, I’m SURE we’ll all have an amazing time, and hopefully not as gruesome stories 😐

I didn’t even mention to @twitter-42088772:disqus above about the run-in I had with the Spanish police while staggering back to my hostel =/

Let’s just say that a Canadian passport is the only thing that kept me out of international prison!!!

Yup, that stuff will get you in trouble if you abuse it. And it’s worse if a bartender decides to do you in! I suggested hubby needed water to breakdown the roughly 8 shots of tequila in him. He toddles off to the bar and returns with – mojitos! Not good. Luckily I was able to steer him into our room and drop him on the bed. He was done for the day though and it was about 3 in the afternoon!

I would love to go as I’m curious about what the SauzaSin shots taste like. Yes I could make them myself but I’m sure they make them better!

Thanks for entering, Kate 🙂 Perhaps we can learn their ancient arts and co-opt them for usage in the outside non-SauzaSin world!

Sorry we didn’t meet thoroughly at #CanyonOnFront — I need to come earlier to burn off all the excess energy and meet new people 🙂

Good luck!

OOOoooo. I want to go for the prize pack alone!! If you are partying with the cool people I won’t be able to party, my 12 year old son says that I LOST MY COOL. I told him he STOLE it when I gave birth to him and I want it back. Seriously.. I’m still cool people, no really, I am. Pinky Swear! I’m like F’EPIC cool! If you don’t know what F’epic is.. you aren’t cool, and I should get your prize pack 🙂

Oh, you’d better BELIEVE that I’m all OVER F’EPIC 🙂

I’d give you my prize pack, but I’ve got thirsty people to feed, and they crave TEQUILA!!!

But maybe you’ll win and then you can have some of your own and then we ALL win!

Well, that is, except all the people who DON’T win 🙁

This life thing. It isn’t fair.

Thanks for stopping by 😉

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