The Science of Timing and Enriching Your Work

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Last updated on February 17th, 2024 at 09:29 pm

Yesterday I took some time to attend a Hubspot webinar called The Science of Timing.

What it was all about is some basic rules and strategy for when to send your content out into the vastness of the Internet in order to have the maximum impact. It wasn’t overly complex material, but a lot of it just made sense. If there’s any interest, the slide deck is here, and I cans provide a link to the recording next week when it’s made available.

I love to learn. This is just something about me—if I’m interested in a topic and someone presents an opportunity for me to learn something new about it (especially if it’s a free opportunity), I’m likely going to take it.

I think we often let ourselves grow stale in the work that we do. I see it happen more often than not—people do the same thing for too long, they get jaded, they get complacent and they’re lost forever in a vortex of unhappiness and declining productivity.

We’re all going to hit that wall in what we do sometime. But we either crumple in a heap against it, or we find a way to scale it and move on to the next challenge. I highly suggest the latter—you can turn any bad situation around if you just give it enough ingenuity.

Here’s the way I look at it:

  1. We’re often displeased with our work because there’s problems there
  2. These problems discourage us and make it harder to work to our potential
  3. Thus, these problems should be solved
  4. Thus, we should find a solution for these problems—even if our solution doesn’t work, you’ve made an effort.
  5. Perhaps others will notice the effort and lend their hand at trying to solve the problem because it’s possible that the problem affects them as well.

So if we sit around and let a problem remain a problem rather than trying to find a way to eliminate it, we’re never going to be pleased with what we do.

So take advantage of learning opportunities when they come your way—you never know what you’ll get out of them!

But you don’t have to take my word for it… take a look at these other bloggers who gave some thoughts on it:


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