The SEO Struggle: The Series

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Last updated on January 27th, 2024 at 09:35 am

What is The SEO Struggle all about?

It was October 2020 when I had my grand epiphany about search engine optimization: doubling down on SEO, not social media, would get me the results I wanted.

Well, not just social media, anyway.

Here’s to SEO: Why You Need to Get on This NOW.

Eric Hochberger’s talk “SEO Like a CEO” taught me at Dad 2.0 Digital that while social media’s good at telling us what’s going on right now, well-written content can stay relevant forever, as long as you do the SEO work to tell people it exists. Search engine algorithms may change, but great stories remain great stories. Aesop’s fables were no lesser for Twitter not being around to promote it. The Bible didn’t go viral and then go away. You must create the best content possible because you never know when it’ll become relevant.

And so I took SEO more seriously and started seeing results immediately. Where I saw 5-10 Google hits a day on my site before, I’m seeing 100-200 today. Where I lagged millions of places behind my peers in things like Alexa and Ahrefs rankings, I suddenly kept pace with them and even overtook them in many cases. And it was all thanks to finally understanding what SEO’s all about.

But, you know… it changed how I saw everything else, too. Social media just didn’t feel like it was enough anymore—although it got all the attention, it was like running on a hamster wheel, and it was about time I got off. So, while everyone stressed over Instagram algorithms and TikTok shares, I wanted something lasting longer than just a few days.

And that, my friends, is why I wrote The SEO Struggle.

The SEO Struggle | The Fight to Excel at Search Engine Optimization

The SEO Struggle came from the people listening, wanting to know more about search engine optimization but not knowing where to start. The months after my awakening saw me discuss SEO in several spaces, but it started feeling like I was only sharing part of the story each time. I wanted something that told everything at once so others could replicate that success.

And 6500 words in, one major site error, and getting familiar with the PHPMyAdmin on the back-end of my site because of them, I’ve put the first few posts together to send people down the right path for SEO success.

So, if you want to know what SEO is and how to make it work for you, check out The SEO Struggle!

A photo of an open planner with ideas written in it and the text overlaid reads: "The SEO Struggle | Search Engine Optimization, Part 1 | Why You Need an SEO Strategy"

The SEO Struggle: Search Engine Optimization, Part 1

In the first part of The SEO Struggle, we discuss the IMPORTANCE of an SEO Strategy and WHY you need to DO it! Come learn about it TODAY!
The SEO Struggle | Search Engine Optimization | Part 2 | Understanding SEO | A magnifying glass on a MacBook keyboard implying a search.

The SEO Struggle: Search Engine Optimization, Part 2

Knowing what SEO means is one thing, but the next step is really UNDERSTANDING SEO, and in The SEO Struggle Part 2, I want to teach you that.
A Black man's hands typing away on a MacBook Pro: The featuring image for The SEO Struggle, Part 3: Making SEO Work For You

The SEO Struggle: Search Engine Optimization, Part 3

And in part three, we finally get to what you REALLY want—info on making SEO work for you. Here’s the information you can USE!