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The 2010 20K: Day 50

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 10:54 pm

“Sleep is for the weak”—I’ve often heard this and lived by it for many years of the life I’ve lived so far. So not true, as yesterday proved to me—sleep is really good to get, and as you get older (I know, I know—I’m only 26…), it’s something you come to appreciate a whole lot more. Yesterday was a good example—me, feeling tired as hell, decided to take a trip to the nearby mall after work to get some jeans, since all of mine are either too baggy, ripped in the wrong places or just not my style anymore. So all was well until I needed to get my butt home—ONLY TO NOT BE ABLE TO FIND MY SUBWAY PASS.

Well this was a problem. With the fact that I already pay $111 monthly for the pass, I wasn’t too keen on paying extra fare in order to correct my mistake. But my mistake it was, so extra fare I did pay.

$20 and one spent token later, I eventually made my way home, and emptied my bag of the day’s contents. And what was at the very bottom? That’s right. My April subway pass. Joy: Finding it. Not so joyous: Having bought tokens that I didn’t need!

However, I did not write this just to whine and complain—I do come bearing gifts! Simple ones, but I hope they help some of my readers out there. I tend to skim through the main free papers in town day to day, and they’re full of tons of info. The problem, though, is that they’re placed in locations that’re more convenient for commuters to grab and read while on the go—but the people who’re looking for work tend to be home, trying to figure out the next steps that they need to take so that they can find another job. I’ve been there—I know that going outside wasn’t a priority—in fact, it often took quite the effort JUST to get out there if the motivation wasn’t there on a given day. So I’m going to try and get some of this material to the people who can actually use them. Today’s material will focus on using the web as a means to find that next job!

Using the Web to Find Work

Anyway, thanks for reading yet another of these fantabulous posts. Coming up soon:

  • My very first sponsored post—yes, I will write posts for money! Watch me do it!
  • The video post of Doomz! What’s he up to and what does it look like?
  • My move from PC to Mac and how the heck it affects what I do!

The 2010 20K Running Total = $192.14

Until next time, mi lectors!

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