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Some Feelings on Fatigue

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Last updated on April 13th, 2021 at 10:21 pm

Today, I’d like to address a serious issue that I think affects us all—fatigue.

That’s right, laugh if you will, but think about it. How many times have you declined to go somewhere with friends because “you’re too tired”? Or how many times have you planned to do something one night, but end up working a long shift of work and decide to crash instead? I believe that it’s an occurrence that happens too often… but life is tiring.

With the expectations for the modern human, especially the younger generation—we are the future, after all—it gets increasingly difficult to get anything done that’s worthwhile. The pressures drive us to sleepiness, and sometimes even insanity.

School + Extracurriculars + Work = How Do You Do It All?

How can one expect a high school student to maintain a high average, participate in community service, extracurriculars, and act as the Co-President of a Student Government while still eating healthy and attaining eight hours of sleep a night?! Bloody impossible I say.

Now, I know that education is necessary, but let’s get some things straight. When I entered my last blog all the way back in July, I was naïve in some ways, going into my final year of high school as the Co-President of my Student Government, flags waving, all amped up and ready to tackle a slew of challenges that would be presented before me. But now, after all the administration, complaining, whining, and 14-18-year-olds acting like they’re ten years younger than they are, it’s driving me to a breaking point.

But anyway—it’s 1:37 am for me right now, and I have things to do before returning to school tomorrow from the break. So, you’ll hear more from me shortly—I think I’m back in the weblog business!

Goodnight, and safe lives.

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