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Last updated on February 17th, 2024 at 09:07 pm

  • [1] Use up the massive amount of art supplies you’ve collected, and reinvigorate my dwindling portfolio—seriously. You have boxes full of paper that at the moment you don’t exactly intend to use. CHANGE THAT.
  • [2] Learn how to take better night shots to broaden your photography skills (you might want to keep the Gorillapod in mind in addition to a regular tripod)
  • [3] Clean out your room: eBay, Goodwill, or recycle what you don’t need—and the things in the to-do pile—DO THEM
  • [4] Clean up your online presence—do you REALLY need a hi5 and BlackPlanet account anymore?
  • [5] Invest in a hat rack and get that collection under control
  • [6] Devise new methods of making serious cash and prepare travel plans for upcoming years
  • [7] Buy a Macbook Pro, so that I can carry both that and my Wacom tablet wherever I damn please
  • [8] Make a killer design to submit to Threadless
  • [9] Revitalize your DeviantArt account. Contemplate selling out.
  • [10] Scrap the website and start up again from scratch. Destroy and rebuild ish.
  • [11] Find affordable and fairly healthy lunch choices in this area.
  • [12] Read more. Learn more. Do more. Sleep better.
  • [13] Find more photo-taking opportunities.
  • [17] Write out the full script to Fish N Chimps. You never know how many days you have left on this earth, and you may as well get the story OUT of your head and into something more tangible. That way, if someone needs to carry on in your stead, they have something to work with!
  • [18] Get to know your city: Visit Casa Loma, the new ROM, and the CN Tower! Maybe this year, even.
  • [19] Pay off your debts. You have a few ways in which you might approach this: spend less money (pfft); make more money (how—peddling art? And if so, where?); win some money (not all that easy—enter as many competitions as possible!)
  • I’m out for now. I MIGHT be online for a bit on Saturday, but no guarantee. And I don’t even know about Sunday. Shoot. I gotta stay home SOMEtime.

More will come to me, I’m sure.

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