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Last updated on January 29th, 2024 at 09:44 pm

Firstly, happy new year and all that jazz, because I’m pretty darn sure most of you haven’t seen me since it’s started. To give a quick overview of what’s going on with me right now:

  • I found out that I passed the course I was worried about failing (looooong story), so that’s good. Means I can still finish up in April with an Honours B.A. (looking to attend Convocation in June)
  • Still working. Need to save UP money. Already made 2/4 major purchases for the year. Yes, everyone, let me welcome a couple of new members to the Doomz family:

Firstly, after beating the hell out of my Canon Powershot S60 (got banged in a taxi door in Paris, never bought a case for it, friend dropped it, strap came off while jumping on a trampoline, brothers banged it up), I decided that my initiation into the world of digital cameras was done. This time I was going to do it right. I was going to get a camera, take care of it, and really improve my skills. But I’m DEFINITELY not ready for a digital SLR, so instead, I figured something in between point-and-shoot and DSLR was necessary. Which brings us to…

The Canon Powershot G7! This baby is straight FIRE. 10 megapixels, 6x optical zoom, and more features than you can shake ya ass at. Though if you’re female, hot, and willing to shake your ass for my new camera, I’m not gonna complain. Can I get a hell yeah?

Secondly, at the end of 2006, around late November to early December, my old Sony Discman (ha ha—back in 2003, carrying around 400 songs was SO cool—damn. Times change!) finally bit it, and the warranty was long gone, so it was time to get all fitted with a new player. I was tired of having to burn CDs and carry around 700 MB of music at a time, when my collection is 7200 songs and 40+ GB deep (including album art). So, I figured it was high time to get myself:

Yes. The 80 GB iPod black. So. Sexy. I got an Incase leather case to put it in, so it’s staying nice and clean, dammit. Shoulda got this baby engraved, but I’ll live. Man. Can I suggest NOT buying an iPod, y’all? It’s too frigging addictive. I’ve been organizing my music, copping album art from all over the place, and NOT getting work done. Damn you, Steve Jobs. Damn you.

But yeah, otherwise, I’m working on a website, and writing new resumes for coworkers at the moment. Obviously, not for free. That on top of school, trying to get the 80 remaining art pieces from 2006 out of the way, and working 25-30 hours a week at the bank, ish is crazy. I could use some more sleep, but I’m not going to outright complain. Yet.

So that’s what’s good.

Oh wait, I said 2/4 purchases, didn’t I? Right.


The elusive Nintendo Wii. Say what y’all want, I want one. Sure, I’m turning 24. But what’s a 24-year old to do when bored? I’ma flap my arms and look wiitarded getting my game on. Pleezbaleevit. I don’t need to have it just yet, since there’s so much going on, plus you can’t FIND this anywhere in Canada, so I’ma wait until the summer and try and find one then.

#4: A trip out to BC.

Yeah, around mid-May, I’ma fly out to BC for a few weeks, I think. Get away from Sauga city. This place will drive you crazy, I swear. I’ll be hanging with pandorya most of the time, so that should be cool. Maybe I’ll fit some other trips in later in the year SINCE I WON’T HAVE SCHOOL ANYMORE AND WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO ESTABLISH A CAREER NOW. Omg. Omg. *hyperventilates* *passes out*

End entry.

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