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Escobar signs a ball and asks Patrick Burke to give it to me.

My Dad loves baseball. I don’t know whether it’s something hearkening from his days in Jamaica or a burning desire to show patriotism in his later life as a Canadian, but he’s fiercely followed the progress of the Toronto Blue Jays for as long as I can remember.

There must’ve been a time where sports played a greater role in my life as well; I remember one birthday where I was thoroughly excited that I was going to a Jays game with my Dad — on the 100 Level of the SkyDome, no less… the good seats.

I know there’re likely several Torontonians out there still reeling from the  Stanley Cup slipping through the Maple Leafs’ fingers for the 46th time — but never fear, baseball’s here!

Though we’re a city that loves its hockey, we often forget that we have a baseball team that’s been around almost as long as Mississauga’s been a city (seriously — look it up). When we think of baseball, anyone who’s old enough immediately thinks of the Toronto Blue Jays’ glory years — ’92 and ’93 — both where we last won Major League Baseball’s World Series in a stellar display, and the last time Toronto’s won an international title in any of its major league sports.

There’s a good chunk of Toronto that still has a lot of love for our Jays, World Series contenders or not — and for the nay-sayers who’re ready to throw in the towel when a season doesn’t go as stellar as we’d hope… it’s time for Toronto to give baseball another chance. We might not be New York with the ever-powerful Yankees (but come on — let’s also remember how much the US sinks into sports compared to their northern neighbours), but the dedication of the fans plays a huge role in the viability of a franchise (if Leafs fans were as die-hard as they are, I think the Leafs would’ve changed ownership — or worse — by now).

Can you imagine a Toronto skyline without the SkyDome Rogers Centre? I think not!

Rogers Centre

So why not show a fan a little love this Father’s Day and take them out to the ball game? For a limited time, Buytopia’s offering a discount on 100-level seats for a Jays game against the Colorado Rockies which you can check out here: $55 for a Level 100 Infield Ticket to the Blue Jays vs Colorado Rockies on June 17th, June 18th, OR June 19th — a savings of $28 from their original price of $83!

So if you want to hit a sporting event where you can actually chat with your friends while enjoying an amazing view at a fraction of the regular cost (not to mention that it’s going to set you back a lot less than a Leafs or Raptors game would), you should think about taking yourself out to the ball game with some discount 100-level seats courtesy of Buytopia.

Who knows — that deep into the action, maybe you’ll go home with a souvenir! (Because Lord knows that catching a ball with seats in the 500-level is next to impossible!)


–case p.

[Disclaimer: In exchange for this post, I too get a set of Jays tickets as part of the Buytopia Inner Circle. And I would take my Dad, but he’s a weekend game kind of guy, and as shown above, the tickets range from Monday to Wednesday, so Sarah will be my stand-in. It’s okay. She’ll make sure to cheer :)]

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