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Last updated on April 3rd, 2021 at 02:48 am

As part of getting things ready for the wedding (my parents have 15 people staying over!), my Dad rearranged my room. My series of graphic novels were stacked (out of order); my closet was stuffed with a number of boxes that had previously been sorted around the room; but most interestingly, he found a USB key that I thought I’d lost ages ago. It’s always interesting to see what’s lying around on old drives—and how much you just don’t need anymore.

Some examples of crap I likely no longer need:

  • About 20 old resumes: it would seem that I was saving copies every time I started a new major project in a job
  • Tons of portable versions of apps that I no longer need to be portable—or ever need at all
  • Project files for failed projects — gotta love it when groups fall out!

But it wasn’t ALL useless. There were some gems in there too! The stuff I found were old story ideas, to-do lists and emails—things I’d long forgotten about, but meant to do!

So I started putting things where they belonged:

  • Fish ‘N’ Chimps character and story info got consolidated in my story plan run through MacJournal
  • I took my list of “Movies to See” and “Books to Read” and put it in a Gmail draft so I can actually remember where they are next time I want to hit up the video store or the library (there was a list of sites to visit, but the majority of them are long-dead or just irrelevant to me now)

But really, what I’m trying to say is that if you take a look on your hard drive and check out the old files, you’ll definitely find some gems—things that are still useful to you, or incite fond memories—but I promise that you’ll also find a good deal of crap, and you’ll be far better off if you get rid of it! This has totally inspired me to really make something of all the stuff lying around; maybe turn it all into something useful for people!

I didn’t just stop with the old files, though—emails, accounts and useless media get the same treatment. I’m “discrimihating” on the old me and taking a new direction this year. I don’t think I’ll miss anything that’s been unceremoniously sent to the exit door!

So do yourself a favour; don’t just clean your room—clean up your virtual being, too.

And with that, it’s back to the grind!

Have a great one,

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