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Getting My Life in Gear!

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Last updated on February 17th, 2024 at 09:13 pm

If you’ve followed the blog a while, you’ll probably remember Carl’s Crew with Subway Canada, an initiative I ran with last spring that saw me utterly fail at making changes to improve my life, focusing on nutrition, fitness and changing my paradigm to make more time for things that really matter. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do it—I’m just perpetually hopeless at making my health a priority, something I should really consider changing with a son who’ll probably want me around for many years yet, and his little brother who I hope will want the same.

However — though I’d never shortlist for fittest blogger of the year, I’m not shy to recognize my issues for what they are, and Subway Canada’s been generous enough to offer a second chance at introducing some much-needed positive change in my life!

But this time it’ll be a little different.

Last time, it was all about me—will Casey finish the six-week challenge? Does Casey have what it takes to meet his fitness goals? But we rarely journey through our lives alone—who of us really get where we need to go in life without the help and support of others? Which of us are ready to say we did better without others by our side to grow with us and keep us accountable?

That in mind, if you’re feeling like you’re in a slump and your life could move in a better direction, good news—this time, we’re looking to include our audience as well, inviting everyone to tackle the Carl’s Crew challenges with us, rather than just watch from the sidelines! Car’s got all sorts of activities planned ahead like he would with his Commit to Fit program, all of them designed to set you on a path to a better life, with steps small enough that it doesn’t seem impossible! And it all starts with this week’s challenge — taking care of something we’ve meant to do since forever, but keep pushing it back!

Carl knows it’s hard to get our heads in the game when we have loose ends causing us stress and anxiety. Sarah generally posts our to-do lists on the fridge to keep us all on track, and on top of the lists I keep in my bag at all times, there’s no end to what the world asks of us.

For this challenge, we’re choosing three things we aim to complete in the next month, starting with polishing one off by the end of this week!

My top three include:

  1. Cleaning my desk up, because it’s an eyesore in our dining room, laden with too many reminders of the endless list of things I need to do
  2. Fixing the garage door, because the ear-splitting screech of metal grating against concrete is highly unpleasant, and
  3. Finishing the new budget — with a new baby on the way in January, it’s definitely time to figure our options out, making sure we have the space, funds and resources needed to expand our family. This one I plan to finish this week!

I could’ve wussed out and chosen easy tasks I know I could complete in minutes… but that’s not the point of this challenge. Even if I get the simple things done and pat myself on the back, there’ll still be those outstanding ones nipping at the edge of my consciousness, never giving me any peace until I get them done. So, much like everyone else, I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do.

But enough about me—I hope you’re amped up for the weeks ahead! The crew over at Subway Canada tell me they’ve got plenty in store (as always) like giveaways, weekly email prompts to keep you going and a Twitter Chat with well over a dozen of the Carl’s Crew members!

As for me, that budget’s not going to write itself, so I’d better get to it. But that’s no excuse not to start today—go take a walk, do some squats or get some veggies in your system! There’s no better time to start changing your tomorrow than right now!

And feel free to tell me about it—I’m never hard to find!

Have a great one, everybody! Until next time, I remain,

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

Disclaimer: While I was compensated for this post, I 100% guarantee I have more of a tummy than I ever remember having before, and in lieu of hiring a personal trainer to get me off my butt and doing all the things for my personal fitness, this isn’t a half-bad approach!

You can learn more about Subway Canada on their website, Twitter or Facebook, and more about Carl Savard, the Subway Canada Commit to Fit™ Ambassador on his Twitter!

Me? I like sammiches—especially of the delicious variety! Though not often crammed with tales of my capacity for consumption, you can still find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!


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