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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 03:14 am

I wrote this sponsored post on behalf of SUBWAY Restaurants. All opinions are 100% mine.

Despite how much we embrace the global economy in 2016, perhaps not everything should hit our doorsteps from every corner of the Earth. I mean, exotic flowers are beautiful, but once they’re plucked, shipped and unpacked in a new climate, I doubt they’ll last long. If you’re coastal, you can feast on delicious seafood, but it becomes less fresh and more expensive to get your hands on some inland!

So if you wouldn’t trust other perishable good to last the long journey to where you are, why suffer passport-carrying vegetables?

You see them everywhere you look—carrots from China. Peppers from Mexico. We import millions of tons of vegetables from the rest of the world each year1, but is it really for the better? Sure, it’s our effort to supply a hungry nation’s demand, but why look elsewhere for delicious produce when we have so much available right here?

Burnac Produce and SUBWAY Restaurants are looking to address that very question!

SUBWAY Restaurants x Burnac Produce — Changing the Way You Eat Your Subs!

Ontario’s known for its love for shopping local. Here in Toronto, we have many farmers’ markets, spending upward of $600 million a year on local produce2. Even our provincial government invested $4 million in its 2008 Ontario Farmers’ Market Strategy3.

So it’s no surprise that SUBWAY Restaurants partnered with Burnac Produce to bring locally-grown produce to the 1300 SUBWAY Restaurants across Ontario!

With $90,000 in support from The Greenbelt Fund and the Ontario Government through the Local Food Investment Fund, the partnership between SUBWAY Restaurants and Burnac Produce for the “Stop at Subway for Ontario Grown” project will see Ontario-grown tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions at SUBWAY Restaurants during the harvest season4!

It’s a win for everyone in this province of almost 14 million strong5—buying local means supporting Ontario jobs and its economic activity. Reducing the emissions that come from transporting produce means we do our part toward sustainability and environmental responsibility. It’s a perfect match—SUBWAY Restaurants are locally-owned and -operated franchises, and hopefully, this commitment to supporting local communities helps inspire others to do the same!

Eating Local with SUBWAY Restaurants — Because it Just Plain TASTES Better.

Food just tastes better when it’s fresh, so why not enjoy your favourite subs in a whole new way and eat locally fresh with SUBWAY Restaurants? Sure, you could go anywhere for your next meal, but not just any restaurant helps you make a positive impact on the world around you while getting the nutrition you need!

So if you’re looking to fill your tummy with something fast, fresh and just plain delicious, why not find a store and hit up one of the many SUBWAY Restaurants available across Ontario—you’ll be a better person for it!

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