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“Ain’t nobody dope as me; I’m just so fresh, so clean!”

— OutKast, “So Fresh So Clean”, Stankonia (2000)

This is your house on parenthood.

Following a weekend church retreat to picturesque Muskoka Lakes where Walmer Road Baptist Church’s congregation studied The Word, found peace in tranquil nature, and connected with those they wouldn’t normally chat with otherwise… all was not well in Casa de Palmer.

A restful weekend in the woods it was not for the recently-expanded Palmer family, with new surroundings, smells and sounds driving their infant son to crying fits well into the wee hours of the morning. Sneaking naps in through the weekend while they swapped off on parenting duties, it was all they could do to survive and muster the energy to drive the hours back home to where things made sense.

But as exhausted as we were, our home was in disarray. Dishes needed washing; toys needed returning to their various hidey holes — we were running on fumes and there was no shortage of chores screaming for attention lest we become consumed by the filth we’d accumulated.

Swiffer Man Clean—This Is Your House on Parenthood—Dirty
Damn you, household clutter!!! Damn you!!!

With time against us and only the two of us available to turn this hovel upside down, I knew it would take more than a casual Sunday cleaning to get the house as pristine as we knew it could be—I needed the big guns to make short work of all the dust and grime that’d taken up residence.

It was time to attack this problem head-on. It was time to put on my big boy pants and do something about it.

Ladies and gentlemen—it was time to get my Man Clean on!

What is a Man Clean EXACTLY, Though?

man clean [man kleen]

1. Empowering guys to boast about their cleaning swagger

2. Using the best tools, like Swiffer to get the job done right

Swiffer Man Clean—Most Interesting Man in the World—Cleaning

Men get a bad rap when it comes to cleaning house.

While I don’t love cleaning, I’ve learned to come to terms with it, popping in the earbuds and scrubbing every surface that dare cross my path. But the world sees it way differently, with near a third of Canadian women surveyed thinking “Man Clean” a poor cleaning job done by a man, when really 86% of Canadian guys contribute to the household cleaning; 91% of these getting the job done at least satisfactorily, but only 54% of them getting recognition for it1!

So knowing that some spit and polish wouldn’t be enough to get the job done, I had a chat with Mr. Amir Johnson, forward-centre for the Toronto Raptors and Swiffer Man Clean Ambassador for some tips and tricks on getting that Man Clean done right!

1 Methodology: For the Swiffer commissioned study, a national sample of Canadians 18 years of age and older was randomly selected from TNS Canada’s Internet research panel and invited to complete an In total, 1001 adults completed the questionnaire between August 14 and 18, 2014. The survey data were weighted to reflect the demographic distribution of Canadian consumers.

Now—my friends know that I’m not the biggest on sports: I go to the odd ball game and hit bars with my sport-loving friends, but I Googled all up in Amir’s business before this interview, a wise move as we discussed summer, Swiffer, and—obviously—tossing the rock on the court!

The Time Casey Interviewed a B-Ball Star

Casey E. Palmer: Hey, Amir, how you doing? How do you get your ManClean on? What sets you apart from the rest?

Amir Johnson: Man Clean’s all about empowering guys to boast about their cleaning swagger and Swiffer’s here to help them do it!

It’s mind over matter—I rock Man Clean by knowing it’s a GOOD thing, and proof that we can clean the RIGHT way!

CEP: What’ve you been up to over the summer, and what fire are you bringing to the Raptors in the upcoming season?

AJ: Over the summer on top of resting, relaxing and buying a new house, I was constantly working, focusing on the knee joints for the season ahead. I’m definitely looking forward to the new season—the fans were REALLY supportive for the last one, especially with #WeTheNorth, so we’re hoping for an amazing year ahead!

CEP: Summer was anything but up here in Toronto—what do you miss about LA?

AJ: Really, most of what I miss is family. I’d love to see my grandmother more often—I’ve gotten used to the weather and transition up north, and my family sometimes visits to see a game, so I’ve got most of what I have down there here in Toronto!

CEP: You actively give back to the community—what drives the generosity?

AJ: It’s really just part of my personality—the way I was raised, my Mom, my Dad, my Grandma—they always wanted me to stay humble and never forget where I came from!

CEP: And of course, I’ve gotta ask—what’s it like having Drake as the Raptors’ Global Ambassador? What’s it like hanging with Drizzy?

AJ: It’s real cool, man—we’re around the same age and we’ve got lots in common. We shoot a little one-on-one, talk about life and other stuff—it’s fun!

CEP: Alright, well thanks for your time—it was a pleasure talking to you, and good luck with the upcoming season! We’ll be rooting for you!

AJ: Thanks! Have a good one, man!

Swiffer Man Clean—Sarah Cracking Wise on Facebook
Sarah—cracking wise on her husband since ever.

So, amped up from the chat with Amir, I got to work attacked the clutter with gusto.

With the Swiffer Ultimate Man Clean Kit in tow, I dusted, I swept and I mopped, finding the house I remembered under all the grime that’d taken temporary control of our domain. I used Amir’s surefire strategy to show it all who’s boss… but with my spin on the situation:

  1. Set the mood: Get those earbuds in to attack the house to an amazing soundtrack!
  2. Make a realistic plan: (So I didn’t stick to this—I just keep doing because I’m stubborn.)
  3. Stay focused: Again, stubborn.
  4. Use the right tools: The Swiffer Ultimate Man Clean Kit — CHECK.
  5. Reward yourself: I’m pretty sure I rewarded myself with a horrible night of work as I prepared for my last day exiled in northern Toronto, but hey. Maybe I’m doing rewards wrong!
Swiffer Man Clean—ShowYourClean.ca
This is what you’ll see if you want a shot at showing your stuff on the ACC court!

Casa de Palmer’s been a lot better since—though I still can’t make my desk out from the layer of stuff that’s weighing it down, the air’s cleaner, wood glossier, and the little spaces that rarely get touched look a little brighter—even if no one but my kid will ever see them.

So enter early, enter often, and men—let’s show the world that we’re not as sloppy as it thinks; all it takes is the right tools, right approach and right attitude to make it happen!

Stay clean, fellow fellows—stay clean!

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By Casey E. Palmer

Husband. Father. Storyteller.

Calling the Great White North his home, Casey Palmer the Canadian Dad spend his free time in pursuit of the greatest content possible.

Thousand-word blog posts? Snapshots from life? Sketches and podcasts and more—he's more than just a dad blogger; he's working to change what's expected of the parenting creators of the world.

It's about so much more than just our kids.

When Casey's not creating, he's busy parenting, adventuring, trying to be a good husband and making the most of his life!

Casey lives in Toronto, Ontario.

149 replies on “Swiffer x Casey Palmer | The “Man Clean””

My hardwood floors get crazy dusty and Swiffer’s Ultimate Man Clean Kit would sure help me keep them dust-free

It would help keep my kitchen and bathroom floors clean. It seems the boys make the most mess in these areas so it would be nice if they cleaned them up lol

So not only is the definition of #manclean now been given new hope, I endeavour to #cleanlikecasey 😉 Don’t use that hashtag, it’s all miiiiiiine!

Seriously, we dads and dudes sometimes get a bad rap that we are incapable of doing a thorough job, and if I win, I promise to also blog about it 🙂

It would help me with cleaning the tops of book cases, speakers, and china cabinets which often get skipped since they are difficult to reach.

Our bathroom floor tiles are white and the rest of our hardwood flooring is light brown so needless to say, with two people with four full-time jobs between them living in one shoebox sized apartment, everything gets noticeably grimy and dusty VERY quickly. Our anniversary is coming up and my girlfriend has been hinting that the best gift would be for me to help her clean the place. Casey, help me MAN UP and give my beautiful lady the break she deserves.

The floors are always dreadful and are my least favorite to clean (likely because they do not stay clean). And then there is the super high ceiling fan…mind you the cob webs look great at Halloween).

It would be great for our hardwood floors. My husband took over the cleaning after I had surgery. It’s his chore now.

I am constantly vacuuming up dog and cat hair so it would be lovely if I could have some man help with that:)!

It would help me clean my bathrooms better. I could use that. Hate doing the bathrooms. lol. Anything to help me do them better is a welcome tool

Washing my kitchen floor! With a bad back this is always such a chore but this looks like it would make the job easier for sure!

well, it wouldn’t help my husband do anything around the house, but it would make it easier for me to clean the floors 🙂

This Swiffer would certainly help keep clean the laminate floors. Dust gathers so quickly it’s crazy!

This kit would definitely help in cleaning our blinds, ceiling fan and those cold air return vents that are high up. And ps, my better half is the better cleaner 😉 just don’t tell him that.

We have all wood floors throughout our house so dust bunnies build up everywhere. I’d love some new tools to catch them!

Cleaning the ceiling, the walls, the floor and the corners in the rooms.. so much possibilities! I really like your post it’s really funny!

It can help with many! But since we have many animals, the swiffing of their hair everyday would be a great help!

I would use this kit to clean my ceiling fans — I haven’t done it in a few months so it needs to be done.

We have 2 cats in out home so there is lots of cat hair. Winning this cleaning package would be awesome!

My wonderful hubby always does our floors and anything else that I need help doing. We would love to be able to do the floors more easily.

Swiffer would help me with my kitchen and bathroom tiles. I am still cleaning them with the old mop and bucket.

I could definitely use help doubt my ceiling fans!!! A rag just spreads the dust around, and a broom puts the dust all over!!!

We have a urban farm and I fight constantly with having a kitchen floor that anyone would want to walk on with socks (not shoes or slippers). The kitchen door is how we get to our garden and chickens, it is where the dog goes out and the kids get to their trampoline, it is well used! My kitchen floor is always dirty, no matter what I do.

I have two border collies so I could really use the Swiffer’s Ultimate Man Clean Kit to keep the hair under control !

The swiffer wet jet would be great to have around the house. It would be easier than bringing a mop and bucket from downstairs

I live in a bachelor apartment and moving the bed to clean the floor under it is always a nightmare. Swiffer Man’s Ultimate Clean Up Kit would be a great help to get it and other hard to reach spaces clean!

We have a puppy and toddler and this would help with fast clean ups instead of having to mop multiple times a day

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