Tabula Rasa — How Swiffer & Mr. Clean Help Movers Make Clean Slates from their New Homes!

It’s been a wild ride of a year as a Swiffer Fanatic, with a campaign that’s seen me cross political borders, introduce plenty of family and friends to the Swiffer Effect, and continue learning more about keeping a home that’s clean enough to raise kids in the right way. And though I wasn’t always able to participate as fully as I’d like (having a second newborn around will do that to you), there’ve been no shortage of stories to tell, and in this post wrapping up the first year of the program, it’s time to tell another!

So unless you’re still living in your parents’ basement (no judgment—well, not much, anyway), you’ll be familiar with one general rule of adulting:

moving can be one giant pain in the butt!

Tabula Rasa — How Swiffer & Mr. Clean Help Movers Make Clean Slates from their New Homes! — Casa de Palmer, Day 1For example—when we first moved things into Casa de Palmer back in ’09, we really should’ve hired movers as a minor scratch on the back of a weighty wooden armoire started an argument that nearly sent Sarah and I down completely different paths.

That said, we made it through, but not without putting in some serious work to make this house our home, which meant scrubbing every surface, dusting every corner, and making this place sparkle just as it did the day it first stood back in 1923! It took ages.

We really could’ve used some Swiffer and Mr. Clean back then!

Tabula Rasa — How Swiffer & Mr. Clean Help Movers Make Clean Slates from their New Homes! — The Swiffer and Mr. Clean ProductsPartnering with HGTV’s Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers game, Swiffer and Mr. Clean want to help new movers learn how to make a clean slate from their new homes, making the most of Swiffer’s sweeping, mopping and dusting tools for virtually every household surface, with the Swiffer WetJet cleaning floors thoroughly using its specially formulated solution that’ll break up and dissolve tough messes; and Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser that’ll lift dirt with every swipe, use its water-activated micro-scrubbers to penetrate even the narrowest grooves, all without the use of harsh chemicals that do more harm than help!

And if the tools aren’t enough, that’s okay—with the Clean Slate Tip Sheet they’ve written up specially for new movers, and a video from Jonathan Scott with cleaning tips designed to show that making that new house a home doesn’t have to be as laborious as we make it out to be, Swiffer and Mr. Clean want to keep you well-equipped for this new stage in your life.

Get some wisdom courtesy of Mr. Scott below!

Swiffer & Mr. Clean — Because Everyone Deserves a “Clean Slate”

While moving isn’t much of an option in 2016 for far too many Torontonians, it’s good to know some great first steps to take if you do ever realize that dream. And really, these tips don’t just apply to new homes—in a market where homes sell faster than you can say “unconditional offer”, even a home that isn’t listed will fare better with some stellar curb appeal than those of homeowners who grow a bit too… comfortable.

As for me, it’s off to keep the rest of my life as fresh as possible—it’s been awesome living the life of a Swiffer Fanatic, but for now I’m calling it a wrap! I hope these posts helped you keep your life clean in the quickest way possible, so you have the time to do the things that really matter.

Casey Palmer out.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post as the last in a series written as a Swiffer Fanatic, part of a team of content creators who write to let others know about the Swiffer brand and how it can help make the boring tasks in our lives a bit easier to deal with!

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