100 Happy Days!

Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 08:55 pm

It’s far too easy to be miserable.

Sadly, many of us get so wrapped up in our lives’ issues that we fail to focus on the things that inspire us to keep going, even when our lives aren’t quite where we’d like them.

When I was younger, marriage and children never factored into my plans—I just figured if I kept working at my ideas, I’d eventually sort everything out. “Build it and they shall come,” right?

Years down the road and that drive’s still very much alive, spurring me to chip away at ideas in the dead of night; never leaving me satisfied with any degree of success, always pushing me to fight for more; all while juggling priorities and handling things in my work and family lives.

Why do I bother? Why sacrifice sleep and energy on something that’s essentially just a glorified hobby? What’s the appeal?

I do it because it makes me happy.