Quaker State Motor Oil Review

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Disclaimer: Collective Bias, Inc. and Quaker State compensated me for this post, but I also learned a heckuva lot through the experience! You can catch more of what they’re up to on their website, or their Facebook and Twitter accounts! All tools supplied by myself were purchased at Walmart Canada.

But yes, the opinions are mine alone—if you’re looking for me, you can find me over here getting my grown-up on, learning what I can to do this “adulting” thing like a champ! You can catch me on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts!

#OilChange #CollectiveBias

I wouldn’t exactly call my upbringing “sheltered”, but there were a number of things around the house that my parents usually took care of, not really trusting my brothers and I to manage them correctly. Cooking meals. Hanging Christmas lights. Mowing the lawn. As children, our focus was to do well in our studies so we could perform well in our adult lives… but adult Casey realizes in retrospect that perhaps he needed more balance.

School doesn’t teach us everything*—it doesn’t teach us how to manage a household budget so we don’t suffer the ills of credit card debt; it doesn’t teach us how important it is to invest early to secure a better future. Adulthood is rife with so many curveballs and undocumented lessons that it often takes us decades to get our acts together, forever learning on the fly how to do things that’ll improve our lives.

And for me, changing my oil was yet another skill to add to the list.

The 2016 100

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I can’t even lie, guys—coming up with a list of 100 goals for the fourth year in a row was hardridiculously so. I’m a very different me than I was when The 2013 100 came out, back when free time was still an abundant commodity I didn’t even know I was taking for granted, trying to fill it with countless things that’d keep life interesting.

A problem I most definitely don’t have in 2016!

As I work at surviving the upcoming year—especially with our second child’s imminent arrival—I needed to make the list a lot more realistic; I’m all too skilled at chasing ambitions that exceed my lifestyle’s capacity, and I’ll need to keep wary of that in 2016 if I want to see myself make it out the other side!

So without further ado, The 2016 100. It took a couple of days to polish off after recovering from the gauntlet that was 2015, but I feel like it’s a list that will really make waves in this life o’ mine should I see it finished!

But hey—that’s what I say every year 😂

Thanks for reading!

1) Write an amazing series for Black History Month
2) Win a vacation for my dry cleaner
3) Watch Creed; Mad Max: Fury Road; The Martian; Ant-Man
4) Take Eric to a sporting event so he can stop complaining about getting left from sporting events
5) Phase my old 3.5″ hard drive out
6) Get rid of my old electronics
7) Stop biting my nails
8) Get rid of the wedding thank you cards I never sent
9) Clean out the basement crawl space
10) Build shelves into the crawl space
11) Give my FWD Powershot 2 to my old manager the hockey coach
12) Do the CN Tower Edgewalk
13) Sort out my old TD employee RSP
14) Consolidate everything down to a single notepad

Though a chiropractor I started seeing late into 2015 told me I’d developed some mild sciatica in my back, I didn’t need him to tell me I carry too much STUFF. In a digital age where we can pack mountains of information into a single device, there’s really NO NEED for me to carry all the draft posts and note that I do—save the fact that working from hard copy’s the way my brain’s WIRED.

In 2016, I need a little more focus to keep all my ideas stored in one place so I’m not constantly carrying EVERYTHING in my house made of paper, knowing that I probably scribbled SOMETHING on ALL of ’em.

15) Sort out the Internet situation at home so I can stop relying on tethering to LTE data
16) Learn enough Spanish to understand my sister-in-law’s Mexican wedding in May
17) Find time for date nights, which will involve finding someone who wants to babysit two kids… how about we just find more awesome things to do at home, just in case?
18) Try Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake
19) Get to 0 drafts on CaseyPalmer.com by converting everything into live posts
20) Install the growth chart for my kids that we got at my office baby shower
21) Update all the old content on CaseyPalmer.com
22) Upgrade the site infrastructure to better support contest traffic
23) Redesign the heck out of the blog (Twenty Sixteen, what up)
24) Find the time to pack more lunches for work
25) Clean up and optimize my Pinterest account (I still have that copy of Pinterest Savvy lying around somewhere)
26) Shave more regularly
27) Hand out my remaining business “cep” cards so I can put in a new order (wait—do we still do business cards?)
28) Clear out the bookshelves to prepare for Baby #2
29) Replace the lost key to our 2011 Ford Edge
30) Figure out what I ACTUALLY need to run my site and invest in THAT.
31) Replace our bathroom sink
32) Meet with the people who I never seemed to schedule in through 2015 (Aaron, Emma, Ria, Adrienne, Dianna)
33) Get a Brookhaven Computer Cabinet

The 1% of the Casa de Palmer workspace I use to do all the things isn’t the best—in fact, it’s falling apart. As I get older and start formalizing my #BloggerLife, Sarah and I agree that my workspace should evolve to show that. It’ll take some saving to make it happen, but it’d be a nice addition to the home.

Armor All Canada x Casey Palmer | How My Ford Edge Got its Groove Back

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With 6 months of parenting and 3 years of marriage under my belt, there’s a new Casey Palmer coming out to play, taking care of all the things you couldn’t pay me enough to do as a child. The Casey who’s learned to man up and do the things necessary to take care of his family, whether it’s traversing an ice-covered Toronto to pick up a new glider; converting my office into a nursery; or the various lessons one learns when they become a father.

There’s only one Casey who could fill these very big shoes without tripping — Domestic Casey.

Last summer, that very same Casey bought his very first vehicle with his wife, knowing despite living in a city whose transit system connects everything, a baby on the way changed the game, and we weren’t about to brave the rush hour sardine can subway rides with a stroller. G2 in my wallet and a 2011 Ford Edge on the driveway, those wheels came with a new sense of freedom, giving me access to experiences I’d never have otherwise.

But that freedom comes with a price.

Vehicle ownership comes with general upkeep, annual maintenance, hidden costs, mistakes that make you wish you’d read the manual, and mechanics that make you wish you’d got a second opinion. If you want your wheels to last, you’ve gotta take care of them, and that’s where Armor All reached out to lend me a hand!

Because Spring Cleaning

Armor All Spring Cleaning Post—2011 Ford Edge—Start
It’s not as bad as it looks…

In the 10 months since our purchase, not once did we wash the Edge—in fact, Sarah said that washing the car is husband work! (Though, she also says that changing the baby, taking the trash out; doing the dishes, mowing, mopping, sewing, vacuuming, dusting, grocery shopping, cooking, ironing and gardening, so….)

We kept it clean all that time, initially refusing to eat inside; with no indoor parking, we let the rain do its work; and when we suffered through The Endless Winter, all the salt and sleet and slush and snow made for considerable foes against a freshly-washed ride and its glistening exterior. If Armor All hadn’t reached out, who knows when I would’ve gotten to it!

But get to it I finally did, with the help of Armor All’s Spring Cleaning Kit as part of the Armor All Spring Kick Off Challenge. The tools they sent included:

  • An Armor All Wash Bucket
  • An Armor All Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • A Microfiber Towel Pack
  • A Car Wash Mitt
  • An Armor All Soft Storage Caddy
  • A Multi-function Emergency Tool (to keep in your car)
  • These Armor All Products:
    • Trim & Plastic Restorer
    • Premium Wash & Wax + Protect
    • Clean-up Mini Can Wipes
    • Auto Glass Cleaner
    • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
    • Disinfecting Wipes
    • Pure Linen Protectant
    • Air fresheners

I’d forgotten to mention that my ride’s got leather seats, though, so I hit up Canadian Tire and added these to the mix:

  • Armor All Leather Wipes
  • Armor All Leather Care Gel

No doubt, though, I had quite the job on my hands! 10 months of everything Toronto weather had to offer and driving the Edge all the way to northern Quebec and back, it was time to give it a little TLC as a sign of thanks!

So without further ado, here’s “How My Ford Edge Got its Groove Back”, a short film presented by Casey Palmer and Armor All Canada!

How My Ford Edge Got its Groove Back

  1. Hose car down to rid yourself of all that icky dirt and grime that’s built up for almost a year
  2. Fill Armor All Wash Bucket with water (water not included by Armor All, obviously)
  3. Put some Armor All Premium Wash & Wax + Protect in the water to make a smooth mixture for scrubbing the car down
  4. Wash the car using a car wash mitt, applying the soapy mixture in smooth, circular motions worthy of Mister Miyagi’s teachings (Cobra Kai’s got nothing on my Edge!)
  5. Rinse the body off for a nice sheen, using some microfiber towels to dry it off
  6. Take that Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner to clean those mirrors and windows, so you can see how filthy the interior is
  7. To correct this, plug that Armor All Vacuum Cleaner into one of your DC outlets (my 2011 Edge has four) and revel in how much suction power it has! Vacuum all interior carpets and mats liberally—they really need it!
  8. Take those mats out and spray them down! We’re trying to be thorough here, people!
  9. Use the Armor All Trim and Plastic Restorer on both the inside and outside to bring some lustre back to all those parts that aren’t chromed out
  10. Scrub the heck out of your carpet and upholstery with the Armor All Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner to get at the dirt that’s soaked deep into the fabrics
  11. Spray some of that Armor All Pure Linen Protectant on your dashboard to get rid of all the dust that’s making it look ages
  12. Hey look, you did a great job with all that cleaning! Take a victory selfie!
  13. Keep your Clean-Up Mini Can Wipes, Air Fresheners, Disinfecting Wipes and Multi-Function Emergency Tool (and Armor All Leather Wipes) in the car just in case you need ’em (because sprills, thrills and all sorts of other accidents can go down in a moving vehicle!)
  14. Put everything else away in your Armor All Soft Storage Caddy to clean again another day!

Or if you’re more of a visual learner, here. I put a little animation together for you…

Armor All and Casey Palmer Do a 3-hour Clean of the 2011 Ford Edge
Cleanin’ ain’t easy!

What a workout!

You Too Can Armor All it Up!

Armor All Spring Cleaning Post—2011 Ford Edge—Finish
“Bling bling—every time I roll around the city, bling bling!”
— B.G., “Bling Bling”, Chopper City in the Ghetto (1999)

It took 3 hours, 700 photos and at least 30 plays of Drake’s “Worst Behavior” to keep me going, but I eventually got ‘er done and it was quite the sight to behold!

If you’re lucky enough to own a set of wheels, you’ve gotta take care of them. I was already smart enough to change my oil regularly and fill the tires when the air was lacking, but quickly discovered that its exterior is just as important to its well-being!

There’s no off-roading on the mean Toronto streets, but the potholes, speed bumps,  debris and inclement weather definitely add up!

If you want to keep your ride looking brand new, Armor All’s a good solution to keep you covered.

But that’s not all—they’ve put together a Spring Cleaning Prize Pack that you could win, which includes:

  • Armor All Soft Storage Caddy
  • Premium Wash & Wax + Protect
  • Disinfecting Mini Can Wipes
  • Auto Glass Cleaner
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
  • Pure Linen Protectant
  • Air fresheners

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You too can look like this after getting your Armor All on!

Armor All Spring Cleaning Post—2011 Ford Edge—Victory!

The contest runs until Sunday, June 8th at 11:59 PM EST, so enter soon and enter often!

The Point of it All

Just as mo’ money yields mo’ problems as paraphrased from the eternal words of the late, great Notorious B.I.G., mo’ age only leads to mo’ responsibility. As you strike out on your own into the world, away from anyone who once did things for you like keep a room over your head or do your laundry, you’ll soon discover that your time’s devoured by all these little tasks to keep your life in order.

Though they’re rarely fun, and at times may even overwhelm you, the more you do them, the more you learn to work smarter, not harder.

And that’s what the Armor All’s for—helping you clean your ride right the first time, making it far easier the next time you go at it.

Because if you don’t take care of the stuff you’ve worked so hard to get, who will?

Armor All Spring Cleaning Post—A Well-Earned Drink
This is how we celebrate after washing the car!

Good luck out there in the real world—I hope you’re all giving your chariots the TLC they deserve!

Until the next,

–case p.

Disclaimer: Armor All reached out to have me join their Spring Kick Off Challenge, sending me the merchandise listed above in exchange for a blog post. My car definitely came out shinier than I’d started, and you can feel free to check Armor All out at their website or Facebook page!