No Excuses!

I'm going to put a statement out there – blogging daily ain't easy if you stay in the house sitting on your butt all day. I did get some stuff done, sure:
  • Read some articles
  • Read some more of my jQuery book
  • Played some Catan: Cities & Knights
  • Took out the Christmas tree
  • Did some dishes
  • Took out the trash
Aw, yeah – I did it all domestic up in this place! But yeah – heed my warning, everyone. You better have a nice, active social life like some of the people I see out there on my Twitter feed if you want good topics to cover daily!
Either that, or I hope you've thoughts of them prior to the weekend. Thank goodness that I took this option!

Helping Others

I know – in its essence, it's not something to be joked about. But if you're not laughing, it's because you don't know Kate Beaton. She's quite the talented comic artist whose art is entrenched in history, poking fun at it constantly. I encourage you to check out her work, for it's mostly satirical and can catch you unexpectedly, much like the comic above.
But I'm not here to share my love for Kate Beaton's work – I just thought that it was a different way to start today's entry 😉

A hint of things to come in 2K11

"Chillin, sittin' on about half a million…" — The Notorious B.I.G.

Yeah. About a half a million things to do. But anyway!
Good day on the planning front – managed to get a florist for the wedding (blog coming soon with all the stuff we're still looking for), learned some more toward the things I want to improve upon in 2011, and doodled in my Moleskine. Which kinda sucks, because I wanted to plan blogs in it. Casey fail. But it's all good.
So the Role of the New Man in 2011 is changing. Remember this, because it'll come up again later this year. Doesn't it ever bother you when you can't pull something off? You know – coding? Cooking? Sewing?
Yeah, that's right – I said sewing.
I signed up for a sewing class so I could improve my stock as a human being. Got sweaters with holes? Do something about it. Want a dope Halloween costume? Do something about it! Want to get more longevity out of the stuff you buy? Yeah – you saw it coming – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! The 2K11 24/7 has a pretty strong self-improvement component, in case you didn't know!
(Just signed up for a French class too. I'm gon' get my language skills back!)
Other than that, the day was either normal or bad. Especially when it comes to riding our beloved subway system, the TTC.
On the way in to work, people were crazy violent trying to get on the subway. I would've got crushed against the fragrant bodies of my fellow commuters if I didn't stand my ground and render myself immobile.
The way to the florist appointment was even worse.
  • Got to College station, waited three trains, couldn't get on, so I hiked it to Yonge/Bloor station, leaving me 5 minutes to get to Dufferin station on time – about 15 minutes away
  • Got on the train, and at Ossington – the stop right BEFORE Dufferin – a dude screws up the doors behind him, because – wait for it – the train is so packed
  • Get to Dufferin, and guess what – the doors don't open. Only at the specific exit I'm at. Aww yeah.
  • Get off at the next stop, Lansdowne, and make my way BACK to Dufferin
  • Meet Sarah 15 minutes late. Because this is apparently how I roll. Thanks, TTC.
Anyway, other stuff to do before I eventually (and by this I mean "shortly") pass out – more cool stuff soon, promise.
But a plug – know what I'm up to Wednesday nights? Watching NatandMarie on ustream.Why? Because they're amusing, they'll reply to your stuff if it's funny – they're probably the best Internet friends you'll ever have. They're live Wednesdays, but go hit up their ustream, because you've probably got some catching up to do!
But yes, I'm out. Have a good one, ladies and germs!
–case p.

Ideas Unrealized

We all have ideas. Some change the world. Some are fleeting. Some shouldn't have been dreamt up in the first place. They're out there, though. But what do we do with all of these ideas? Unfortunately, many of the greatest ideas get lost in the ether as we forget them, don't act upon them because we don't think they're good enough, don't share them with others for fear that they'll steal and profit from them or just simply have others shoot them down – it could even be a combination of these things. I find that these things happen far too often in some of the circles I'm in, but I can be especially good at not listening to people at times :). One of the tenets of the 2K11 24/7 will be to act on the ideas that would otherwise be left to die. Ideas for apps. Ideas for websites. Tools. Comics. Parties. Events. Just things that can be done to improve the quality of life for people in general. It's impossible to know where to start, but I'm going to try hard to keep innovation at the helm, and hopefully myself and others can come out of 2011 with some disgustingly awesome content!

To totally contradict one of my goals of owning less stuff, I decided to get a Moleskine daily planner to help plan these blog posts better with the ideas that come to me in the course of a day. In my defense, I messed up the timing for when I was supposed to meet Sarah for dinner and got in the Yonge/St. Clair area 45 minutes area. Not knowing that pretty much everything seemed to close at 6 pm (it was 6:15), I wandered until I found somewhere to wander for a half hour. I was hoping for a library and instead found a Book City. With Moleskine 2011 planners at half price. Half price. Moleskine. That's like just baiting me. Horrible. Anyway, I hope it will better guide these random thought processes of mine.
So back to the point – if you have ideas out there, please act on them. If you don't feel they're good enough, feel free to run them by me! You never know how much better an idea might get when you collaborate with someone else – maybe they'll see something you didn't. Maybe they'll trigger something in your mind that you didn't know was there. But don't just let your ideas die!
I know Kevin has one out there – I'm keeping my eye on you, bro – don't let me down!
So what is the 2K11 24/7? So far I know it's about:
  • Cleaning up one's act
  • Chasing one's dreams
  • Improving one's ability to impact the world around them
  • Building connections and community
But what does it all mean?
I guess only time, and a LOT of elbow grease, will help me to figure that out!
Until next time,
–case p.

A quick message to the masses

What did I spend my day doing? Reading Mashable articles on how to develop an app and start a small business in the digital world and further develop my understanding of jQuery with the help of materials from Sitepoint.

I spent a wicked amount of energy on the Wolfram|Alpha contest I was in for the past week, so no major content for y'all today. Just the rumblings of a change in the wind.
I foresee storyboards, wireframes, flowcharts and list of ideas. 2011's going to get intense real quick.
I hope I figure out what the heck the 2K11 24/7 means, since I'm hoping to have a couple of weeks of guest posts in June 🙂 If you're interested this early on, please holla at your boy. i.e. moi.
And technically it's past midnight, so – Sarah? Happy third anniversary 🙂
I'm out, guys. See you tomorrow!
–case p.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

In fact, depending on how you measure the timeline of Rome’s development, some would argue that it took as long as 870 years! But I’m not here to wax history to you.

Dunno if I’ll get this post up in time, but eh.

So yes, if you want to achieve a goal, you need to give it time. Even the things that appear to have been accomplished overnight are often done as the result of months of prior work and preparation.