The 2016 100 Wrap-Up, Part 3: The 28 Things Left Over

And we’re finally here—the 28 items that either just didn’t make the cut to come back after 2016, or got tabled for future Casey to handle somewhere down the line!

The more I do these, the more I realise I can’t do everything today, and so I work harder to focus on what’s in front of me so I can give myself the room to manage future challenges!

But hey—if there’s something on this list you think you can make happen sooner, feel free to let me know at and we’ll see what we can do!

Without further ado, here’s The 2016 100 Wrap-Up, Part 3: The 28 Items Left Over!

The 2016 100 Wrap-Up — What I MAY Do, But Not Necessarily in 2017

2) Win a vacation for my dry cleaner — One thing I’ve learned as a blogger is that while it’s all too easy to get high on yourself when you have successes, you also need to keep realistic. Though many great things have happened in my #BloggerLife so far, I don’t have the clout nor the contacts to conjure a vacation from thin air. Not yet, anyway. This is one I’ll pursue awhile, yet.

4) Take Eric to a sporting event so he can stop complaining about getting left from sporting events — After hitting a Toronto Argos game last year with a few buddies (and by association the Canada vs. Slovakia World Junior Hockey Championship game I was at just before the new year), I may have promised my buddy Eric that I’d take him to a game sometime. This would make the 2017 list, except I have no idea when I’ll find myself invited to a game next, so we’ll get back to this one eventually.

The 2016 100 — or — How to Build a Better Casey

I can’t even lie, guys — coming up with a list of 100 goals for the fourth year in a row was hard — ridiculously so. I’m a very different me than I was when The 2013 100 came out, back when free time was still an abundant commodity I didn’t even know I was taking for granted, trying to fill it with countless things that’d keep life interesting.

A problem I most definitely don’t have in 2016!

As I work at surviving the upcoming year — especially with our second child’s imminent arrival — I needed to make the list a lot more realistic; I’m all too skilled at chasing ambitions that exceed my lifestyle’s capacity, and I’ll need to keep wary of that in 2016 if I want to see myself make it out the other side!

So without further ado, The 2016 100. It took a couple of days to polish off after recovering from the gauntlet that was 2015, but I feel like it’s a list that will really make waves in this life o’ mine should I see it finished!

But hey — that’s what I say every year ????

Thanks for reading!

1) Write an amazing series for Black History Month
2) Win a vacation for my dry cleaner
3) Watch Creed; Mad Max: Fury Road; The Martian; Ant-Man
4) Take Eric to a sporting event so he can stop complaining about getting left from sporting events
5) Phase my old 3.5″ hard drive out
6) Get rid of my old electronics
7) Stop biting my nails
8) Get rid of the wedding thank you cards I never sent
9) Clean out the basement crawl space
10) Build shelves into the crawl space
11) Give my FWD Powershot 2 to my old manager the hockey coach
12) Do the CN Tower Edgewalk
13) Sort out my old TD employee RSP
14) Consolidate everything down to a single notepad

Though a chiropractor I started seeing late into 2015 told me I’d developed some mild sciatica in my back, I didn’t need him to tell me I carry too much STUFF. In a digital age where we can pack mountains of information into a single device, there’s really NO NEED for me to carry all the draft posts and note that I do — save the fact that working from hard copy’s the way my brain’s WIRED.

In 2016, I need a little more focus to keep all my ideas stored in one place so I’m not constantly carrying EVERYTHING in my house made of paper, knowing that I probably scribbled SOMETHING on ALL of ’em.

15) Sort out the Internet situation at home so I can stop relying on tethering to LTE data
16) Learn enough Spanish to understand my sister-in-law’s Mexican wedding in May
17) Find time for date nights, which will involve finding someone who wants to babysit two kids… how about we just find more awesome things to do at home, just in case?
18) Try Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake
19) Get to 0 drafts on by converting everything into live posts
20) Install the growth chart for my kids that we got at my office baby shower
21) Update all the old content on
22) Upgrade the site infrastructure to better support contest traffic
23) Redesign the heck out of the blog (Twenty Sixteen, what up)
24) Find the time to pack more lunches for work
25) Clean up and optimize my Pinterest account (I still have that copy of Pinterest Savvy lying around somewhere)
26) Shave more regularly
27) Hand out my remaining business “cep” cards so I can put in a new order (wait — do we still do business cards?)
28) Clear out the bookshelves to prepare for Baby #2
29) Replace the lost key to our 2011 Ford Edge
30) Figure out what I ACTUALLY need to run my site and invest in THAT.
31) Replace our bathroom sink
32) Meet with the people who I never seemed to schedule in through 2015 (Aaron, Emma, Ria, Adrienne, Dianna)
33) Get a Brookhaven Computer Cabinet

The 1% of the Casa de Palmer workspace I use to do all the things isn’t the best — in fact, it’s falling apart. As I get older and start formalizing my #BloggerLife, Sarah and I agree that my workspace should evolve to show that. It’ll take some saving to make it happen, but it’d be a nice addition to the home.

32 Things I Know Now That I’m 32: #15 — I Need to do BETTER.

I’m writing this in the first moment I’ve had in a while to just sit down and write what’s been trapped in my head. Though the blog’s been at the forefront of my mind despite everything that’s swallowed my time, it’s been just out of reach, the thoughts that make up my posts not coming together like they should to keep me pressing forward.

But I won’t stop — I can’t stop — I have to do better than the bloggers who’ll write content indiscriminately, always searching for material that’ll fill their post quotas instead of crafting the words that’ll speak to their souls. I’ve gotta do better than those who see blogging as little more than a business, never bothering to put more into their work than the copy from their clients and the blanks they fill on the content templates they hold dear. The hordes of those unable to see past the next post, trying so hard to prove how good they are, they fail to realize their actions will eventually rend them irrelevant as the world moves on to something better.

I need to do better because I refuse to settle for “good enough”.

32 Things I Know Now That I’m 32: #14 — Your Life is YOUR LIFE. Live the Best One You Can!

“I think I’ve done pretty well for myself.”
“You could’ve done even better.”

— my conversation with a family member who shall remain unnamed

I’ve had to change a lot to hit a point where I could tell my stories and be proud of them.

The benefit of sharing stories online as long as I have is looking back and seeing just how far you’ve travelled down your path, learning from your experiences and seeing how they’ve shaped the life you have today… hopefully learning from them and inching closer to the goals you really want to hit in your life.

A decade ago, I was a hollow shell of a man. I’d recently parted ways with someone who’d been the centre of my world for several years; my grades had seen better days, the program I studied more of a pain in my rear than anything I wanted to turn into a career; and I careened through life, trusting my friends and family to fill my schedule with interesting things to do, rarely choosing things of my volition and depending a little heavily on everyone around me.

It was a far cry from the kid I’d been in high school: confident, accomplished — and perhaps a little too cocky — but much had changed since those days, challenging the way I saw the world and the things I expected from it.

But it’s probably because I spent too long letting others tell me how to live and not spending the time to figure it out for myself.

32 Things I Know Now That I’m 32: #13 — If You Won’t Believe in Yourself, Who Will?

I’ve learned to steadfastly believe in myself and that I can do anything I put my mind to, because expecting anyone else to without them being in my head feels unrealistic. I’m not high on myself — I speak very matter-of-factly about my #BloggerLife and everything it’s given me ’til now — but this world frowns on tooting your own horn, preferring that you fall in line and do what society expects of you. And that same world is the one with everyone too afraid to lend each other a hand, burned by life so often that they’re unable to trust without tangible proof that they should bother.

The world wants most of us convinced that success isn’t in our futures, making things infinitely harder for anyone straying from the norm. It values conformity not conviction, obeisance over originality — if you want a destiny you can truly call your own, you’ll need to do more than just walk the walk and talk the talk… your principles need to live through every fibre of your being so the world can see you stand tall in your beliefs!

But are you willing to do everything you must to go all the way?

Many bloggers I’ve known were full of passion and energy — but they, like myself, pointed it all in the wrong direction. Party harder. Blog faster. These were the things we’d do as we struggled to get noticed, trying to be the first bloggers out the gate rather than be the ones who did things best.

But what’s the point of shouting when you’ve got nothing to say?