Graco 4Ever Car Seat

I’m no expert at parenting with just shy of four years’ experience under my belt, but you quickly learn that you use but a fraction of what you think you’ll need before kids. Travel chairs. Olive oil ointments. Kanye West’s greatest hits done as lullabies. Eventually, you just become well aware of the specific products… Continue reading Graco 4Ever Car Seat

Graco Table2Table 6-in-1 Highchair Review

You might think all highchairs are created alike, for what more are they than baby seats on stilts to keep your kid in place for a meal? But that quickly changes the first time your toddler shows you how skillfully they can escape one. A Highchair, A Highchair, My Kingdom for a Great Highchair!!! Spoiler alert, new parents—kids get… Continue reading Graco Table2Table 6-in-1 Highchair Review

Whippet Sticks from Dare | A Great Family Snack!

It’s hard keeping things consistent as a parent—if I’m not letting the kids break rules at times, there’re rules I’m breaking myself. Don’t talk while you’re eating. Say “please” when you ask for something. Don’t talk to strangers. Eat your cauliflower. It must be confusing as a kid, trying to make sense of the world,… Continue reading Whippet Sticks from Dare | A Great Family Snack!

Advil 12 Hour | Track Down Your Inner Power!

This body just ain’t what it used to be, y’all. At 34 I’m still young, but you’d be surprised how much one can use their flesh and bones in that time! I’ve become a father, often carrying 70 lbs. of toddler weight between my two boys; I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2012, pushing my body… Continue reading Advil 12 Hour | Track Down Your Inner Power!

EBates Canada

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine. Many of you are likely going about online shopping all wrong. To that, many might say, “But Casey—virtual shopping in 2017’s so easy… how could I possibly get it wrong?” And yes—we have made it easy. As we speak, the very way we shop online… Continue reading EBates Canada

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