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Tales from the 2.9 — 17- Tash Jefferies (Featured Image)

Tales from the 2.9 — The Black Canadians Sharing their Stories in a Digital Age — #17: Tash Jefferies, Healthy Living Expert, TashJefferies.com

With everything that’s kept me busy of late, it feels like a lifetime age where Tash and I first crossed paths, somewhere back in 2012, me a fledgling lifestyle blogger spending more time winning swag and hitting every party I could find, and Tash like a wiser cousin who […]

One Does Not Simply CLIMB Kilimanjaro!!!: The Tanzania Chronicles #7

It had all started so optimistically. We settled our bill at Imani, which included a free ride to the Zanzibar airport (which was amazing after all the taxi-related debacles). After getting through customs (where the customs officer gave me quite the strange look when she saw my tripod […]

Getting There is Half the Battle: The Tanzania Chronicles #5

First off, thanks to everyone for the warm welcome back to the land of the digitally-able! The trip to Tanzania was quite the adventure; coming home with 3400+ pictures, an inexplicable stomachache and too many stories to count, the trip marked a very interesting chapter in my life. […]

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