REACTINE | Allergy Relief and Respite!

Last Updated: November 22, 2020

I come from a family of allergy sufferers.

REACTINE® || Allergic to Pets?

Some of us are lucky (like myself) and eventually grow out of the childhood dust allergies that plague us whenever we enter homes with infrequent cleaning schedules ÔÇö and then you have Palmers like my Dad, who have sneezing fits when┬áhe mows the lawn (which he does every Friday like clockwork).

Back in the day, allergies were just a way of life. You suffered through blurry eyes and stuffy noses. And you dreaded the coming summer, knowing that you’d spend your days hanky in hand. You couldn’t enjoy your time like everyone else as you struggled to breathe.

We’ve come a long way since then with solutions like REACTINE┬«, designed to give quick relief from the allergy symptoms┬áthat ail us!

But what’s so good about REACTINE┬«?

Glad you asked.