Asante Haughton | What IS Blackness, Exactly?

Am I Black enough?”

Blackness โ€” More than just Melanin

Those who’ve followed my podcastย Chatting with Casey from its very first episode know that this isn’t theย first time I’ve asked this question.

If you considered the archetypal Black man you know from popular mediaโ€”rocking an oversized hoodie; listening to rap music full-blast; and having a deep affection for curvaceous women, basketball and ballin’ outta controlโ€”notย only would you fail to capture what my Blackness means toย me, but you’d entirely miss theย point of why we’re doing this in theย first place.

What IS Blackness, Exactly โ€” Black_Canadians_at_Queens_Park
Group of Blades at Queens Park | Source

Every Black person I know has had to come to terms with what Blackness means to them in their own way. There’s no unifying guide to being Black like what the Bible does for Christianity or the Quran for the Muslim faith. We use it as an identifier for our culture, but Black literature could mean books fromย the Congo to St. Vincent and back. It’s an oft-debated and loosely defined term, but we all understand what we mean when we say it.